Homeowner Finds Moose In The Pool

Moose in the Pool

A moose decided it wanted to join the party when it took a dip in a private swimming pool at a holiday villa. The homeowner was stunned needless to say when they saw a moose in the pool, they immediately grabbed the camera and started filming.

The group of holidaymakers were surprised when they spotted the beast swimming around the pool in Redmond, Washington, before relaxing in the shallow end.

The beast looked like it was having a whale of a time as the party panicked about how it was going to get out of the pool and more importantly, if they would have the poolside to themselves again.

Do They Even Sell Moose Insurance?

Moose on the loose: The beast looked relaxed taking some time out to swim around, keeping his head above water: The holidaymakers captured the moose taking a dip in their private pool. The enormous animal managed to gracefully clamber out, carefully stepping over the poolside deckchairs as it made an effort not to crush anything.