Do you dream of having a pool in your backyard? This heavenly experience helps relax and enjoy the soothing sounds of water. But have you considered the swimming pool cost? Constructing an inground pool requires professional help and specialized equipment. Here is a brief insight into the approximate cost for building your inground pool

Inground Pool Cost

On average, inground pools will cost you $42,000, including labor and materials. The price depends on many factors like design, pool features you wish to install, and the size of your backyard. You will be surprised to know that pools can be built in as low as $20,000 or as high as $78,000. It really depends on your preferences and conditions.

Factors That Influence Cost

Pool size

inground pool facts

A small pool of 200sf and a large pool of 650sf can have a price difference of $25,000 at minimum. You can attribute the difference to the additional materials needed for pool construction.

Pool Location

Your pool’s location will determine the amount of work the construction crew has to invest. Professionals will need to prepare the soil and then install your pool. Flat land with sandy soil will demand little action. But having layers of rock or a sloped yard can increase the labor effort significantly. The position of your house also has an impact. You may need additional equipment if your backyard is not easily accessible.


pool lighting ideas

Would you like to customize your pool with rocks, lighting, plants, slides, spas, or waterfalls? Then be warned that prices of these items can vary greatly. Add-ons like slides and diving boards will cost you between $300 to $3000. Specialty light may cost you $75, while a basic waterfall installation may cost $1000. The spa can be a little more expensive. The cost ranges between $5,000 to $8,000 for a basic model.

Inground Pool Types

Inground pools are made from concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass. Installing a concrete pool will cost you between $50,000 to $100,000. The high cost is due to the superior quality of shells that are built from rebar. Concrete pools may also incur an annual maintenance cost.

Fiberglass pools will cost you $45,000 to $85,000. The shells in this type of pool are made using fiberglass and are topped with a gel coat. This configuration makes pool maintenance manageable. Pool maintenance may cost you $3,750 for 10years.

Vinyl pools are offered in the range of $35,000 to $55,000. These pools have vinyl liners that are stretched over metal frames, concrete, or wood. It is easy to construct a vinyl pool, and you can have some design flexibility as well. Although affordable, liners do not last long in comparison to concrete surfaces.

Other Cost Considerations

Pool Covers

pool safety features

Swimming pool cost may also include pool covers that help to prevent water evaporation during summers. Pool covers also reduce debris collection and protect your pool during winters.


Check with your local government whether any building permits are needed for pool installation.


Although most pools are durable, you may need repairs like a leaky skimmer, broken pump, or damaged pool lights.

Investigating the cost of building a pool will help you plan your finances and determine the right pool within your budget. It will also have you introspect the potential problems and schedule your pool maintenance accordingly.

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