Swimming pools not only add value to your home, but also offer you the perfect place to spend a leisurely day with your loved ones. Yet, swimming pool prices are a pertinent concern for those who wish to build a backyard oasis. The important factor is that the elements one adds for visual appeal can alter the expense. Take a closer look at the factors that may affect the cost of your Texas swimming pool-

Peruse Through Pool Basics That Influence the Cost

The Size you Desire

One of the major factors that determine the cost is the size of the pool. It may be considered trendy to have smaller splash pools. But sprawling homes need bigger pools. A standard sized pool averages at about 600 square feet.  The size of the pool you want to build will definitely have an impact on its cost.

Choosing an Unusual Shape

Gunite Material

A traditional rectangular pool costs less than an oval or asymmetrical one. For homes with a view, a stunning disappearing edge infinity pools can be designed. But this would increase the swimming pool prices. It is mainly due to the dexterity it demands from contractors and engineers who construct it.

Depth of the Pool

An increase in the depth of the pool will also proportionately impact its cost. In warmer climates like the heart of Texas, a deeper pool will feel cooler in the blazing summer heat. Yet, in a cold climate, such pools would need a more efficient heating system.

A Refined Pool Finish

pool finishes

The age-old classic white plaster finish has given way to trendy grays and blues to give it an oceanic feel. This is done using dyes and pigments or colored tiles. For a more natural look, opt for attractive rocks and pebbles on the floor. Conventionally, aggregate finishes use stone, glass and ceramic crystals or pebbles cemented with a plaster!

The Coping around the Pool Edge

In-ground pools- concrete ones in specific, need coping at the edges. Coping usually runs just above the tile line and is often made of concrete or brick. Its functionality lies in the fact that creates a bondbeam that smoothly divides the water from the pool’s deck. But, there are a wide range of materials to choose from today, such as stone or wood, brick or veneer.

Many prefer stone or wood or brick to further cost effectiveness. Yet, reaching out to an experienced pool builder can help you get an estimate of current market prices of the materials before undertaking construction.

The Luxurious Addition of Water Features

A Stellar Spa

Building a Gunite Swimming Pool

You can ensure a gunite spa is incorporated into the design. Often the spa is designed as a part of the water feature. But the concealed plumbing and electrical work involved could add to your expense.

Salt Water

Salt water makes you feel more buoyant during your swim. A secondary benefit is that it cuts down on the chlorine you have to purchase to maintain hygiene.

More Value for Money Spent

It is estimated that a well-built pool can increase the overall value of your home by as much as 7% to 15%.

Be it a lazy afternoon or a late evening by the water; a backyard pool is where you can enjoy spending most of your family time. It is also a great spot to do most of your entertaining making swimming pool prices worth it and a necessary luxury!

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