When a lot of people think about landscaping they think of nearly manicured lawns and perfectly trimmed hedges. While these can be signs of a home that is well kept; landscaping can and should be far more than that (especially in areas like Pensacola).

Here are a few ways, that you can add a little landscaping uniqueness to your backyard in Pensacola.

Pensacola Landscaping Ideas – Don’t Be Afraid To Let Things Get Wet

Water is one of the simplest and most straightforward landscaping features to implement; however, it is also one that is most often overlooked by homeowners in Pensacola. The reason for this probably has a lot to do with Pensacola’s numerous beaches and rivers.

Water features are a great addition to any yard, the trick is knowing how to incorporate them without having them overpower and overshadow the rest of your landscape. Fountains are the main culprit when it comes to overshadowing other features of your home. If you want to place a larger fountain on your property then try to have other “strong” décor pieces close enough to it. Seating arrangements are perfect examples of décor pieces that work well with fountains.

Subtle waterfalls are much easier to incorporate into your home’s landscape. A small tricking waterfall can be the perfect addition to your backyard garden; providing a sense of motion and tranquility.

Pensacola Landscaping Ideas – Using Stones Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

When it comes to landscaping, stone is oftentimes one of the last things that homeowners focus on when designing their yards – it just isn’t seen as that big of a deal.


In direct contrast to paving over the majority of your backyard with concrete or large pavers; using stone accents on pathways allows your backyard to maintain a more natural feel while still giving it some sense of order.

Pensacola Landscaping Ideas – Don’t Be Afraid To Add Some More Color

One fear that many homeowners in Pensacola have is that they could possibly make their home – especially their backyard – look too “tacky”. Most times this fear comes from the fact that they don’t want to make use of more colorful décor pieces. This fear is what has led to the overabundance of wooden brown landscapes and slate grey backyards. While many of these almost mono colored design choice can be made to look stunning and beautiful, they are not the only means of doing so.


Warmer areas like Pensacola are the perfect candidates for more colorful backyards – so how can you make it work without making your home look like a tacky clown house? The general rule of thumb for decorating that many DIY homeowners use is to make sure that anything that you place in your backyard complements at least two other things – especially if it contrasts with another. This is a simple rule that allows you to give your backyard a more natural feel while still maintaining some order and structure with your color choices.

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