Do You Hear That?

Waterfalls give an alluring sound that relaxes us, what better way to compliment the beautiful sound than with a beautiful naturalistic setting? A natural waterfall design will suit your Chattanooga swimming pool gracefully. This organic stone setting is able to be adapted to fit all budgets, backyards, and styles. Deciding to go with a natural waterfall design for your Chattanooga swimming pool will give your swimming pool character. The appeal of using natural rock is the unique customizing available that fake rocks just can’t match. Let our experienced pool builders guide you in making the perfect choice for your oasis.

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Eliminate Rocky Paths To Your Dream Waterfall

If you’re planning on building a lagoon style or tropical style pool in your Chattanooga backyard, a natural waterfall is icing on the cake. Although not the best look for a more contemporary pool, a natural waterfall with precisely cut stones and proper formation can accentuate a sleeker style. Contractors will help in determining where exactly your natural waterfall should be built in order for a design that gets the most out of your backyard. This is determined by your landscaping aspirations and the style and configuration of the actual waterfall. Usually the highest point near your pool will accommodate your natural waterfall. If you’re on a slope this can give the contractor an edge by cutting down on excavation costs by working with the natural structure of your backyard. Have a flat backyard? That will not be a problem, contractors will be able to work around the geological differences of your Chattanooga backyard. A flat backyard will gain dimension with a natural waterfall structure.

When constructing your natural waterfall the mason will use an assortment of large and small stones, some rounded, some straight to give you a very organic looking waterfall. If you are going for a more contemporary design, the rocks will need to have a sleeker look making them more uniform in shape and size. The building blocks of these pools will be determined by which region you reside. The Lava stone, moss rock, granite, quartz, flagstone, limestone are some of the usual suspects in building your natural waterfall. Your contractor will suggest you go with an indigenous stone for economic reasons and overall look. The indigenous stones will be more easily acquired as well as budget friendly and the stones are more likely to accent the natural landscape of the area.

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How Does The Water Fall?

The options are seemingly endless when it comes to the way your natural waterfall will function. Have you always desired the sound of a babbling brook? Or maybe you prefer the sheer cliff drop off style? Your pool design expert will help you determine how dramatic or soft you want your waterfall to be. When using natural stones this is made easy by adding or limiting dimension in your pool plans. Want multiple falls? Totally cool! We can make that happen with simple design configurations.

Accent Your Waterfall

Waterfall décor is made simple with an addition of the extra boulders of the same type your waterfall is made of. Lights will highlight the dimension of the waterfall and plants will add to the naturalistic look. Your pool building expert will determine which plants will work for your waterfall structure and climate. Remember that pools create their own microclimate which limits what plants will flourish around a pool.

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Premier Pools & Spas Can Make Your Backyard Dreams Come True!

Let our pool building team at Premier Pools and Spas give you the natural waterfall of your dreams! Contact us today to start designing your pool today!

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