Soaking in the sun while over-looking the teal blue sky in a water body while sipping a cool beverage is nothing short of paradise. It is what a perfect vacation looks like. Infinity waterfalls are one such architectural marvel that can make it seem lie the skies and water align from the comfort of your home. Here is all that you need to know about this modern architectural feat.

Understanding the Mystery Behind an Infinity Pool

All you Need to Know about Infinity Waterfalls and Swimming Pools 1

 Also popularly called a zero edge pool, the infinity pool has water over-flowing from over its edges. It is renowned for giving the illusion of a wall-less swimming pool. It might appear that there is no partition between the pool and the nearby landscape, but that is what these pools are designed for. To trick the eyes with the visual illusion that is certain to leave you awe-struck!

Their Inception

A lot has been discussed about the historical precedessors of this skilfully designed pool with vanishing edges. The age-old recirculating fountains that are still valued as a great decorative element for historic gardens seem to be the ancestors of infinity pools. Ace architect John Lautner, holds credit for coming up with the layout of the first infinity pool in America in the middle of the 20th century.

Decode the Mechanism of an Infinity Pool

To understand the working of infinity waterfalls, one should consider a waterfall as a source of reference. We see water spilling over the edges and then disappearing. Water percolates to the lower levels, which in turn overflows due to the volume of water that drives down. The same occurs in an infinity pool. But unlike the waterfall, the pool has only one lower level which overflows into a lower catch basin. This is from where the water is pumped back to the upper pool to keep the flow going.

The Perfect Location for Infinity Waterfalls

invest in a pool

To view the infinity pool in its full glory, it should be installed in a landscape that does justice to the architecture. This type of pool works best at a location with a significantly steep downward slope.

The Cost of Construction

 An infinity pool requires a catchment area and a recirculation system which adds to the expense.  A vacuum basin and a filter are also required to weed out the unwanted litter. Experts estimate that adding an infinity edge at only one side of the pool can cost 30 percent more than the cost of an in-ground pool. Some infinity waterfalls allow water to overflow on all or more sides which also adds to the installation cost.

The average cost of building this marvel could be as much as $79,000. However, at the pinnacle of luxury, these pools cost $130,000.

 Safety Concerns

Although it is designed to create an illusion of a disappearing edge, such pools are most certainly safe. You will always find a solid wall at the edge of the pool.

The idea of a pool with vanishing edges is as exciting as ever! Now you’re aware of how this concept came to life, you may surge ahead with construction to transform your garden into an oasis with infinity waterfalls.

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