As you are thinking about spring pools in New Orleans, you may be ready to open your pool and get it ready for the season. Opening your pool may not be your favorite thing to do but once you get the routine down, each year is going to be easier. Some people choose to have a pool service open their pool but many people choose to take care of their own spring pools cleaning. In this article, we are going to talk about opening your pool for spring.

spring pools

Spring Pools & First of the Season Pool Tasks

The birds are out in full force, you start to notice that the flowers and trees are making a come back. That’s the sign for spring pools and getting them open so that you will be able to take a swim and enjoy your time poolside. Before you go and jump in the pool, there are some things you are going to need to do. You don’t want to jump into a pool that is green or full of debris so look out before you take that pool cover off.

Your pool needs a thorough cleaning and a water chemical balancing session before you grab your swimsuits. Take a sample of your water and test it yourself or take it to a local pool shop so they can test it for you and recommend what you need for your pool. You will also need to replace any equipment that was removed during winterizing or have your pool professional take care of this part depending on your comfort level.

spring pools

Before you even take your pool cover off, you need to prep the surrounding areas. If there is a lot of debris around the pool, the slightest breeze is likely to blow it into the pool. This is going to cause you unnecessary work because you will have to clean the newly introduced debris from the pool as well as everything that has collected during the winter months.

Once you’ve cleaned up around the pool, turn your attention to the pool cover and get any debris off the cover. If the debris is wet, you can use a pool vacuum to get all the water off the top of the cover and allow the debris to dry. Once the debris is dry you can easily sweep it off the top of the cover.

After the cover is clean and dry, you can put it up for the rest of the open season. People that have automatic pool covers do not have to do this step so that might be something that you want to consider for your pool later. This helps fight against debris as well since you can put your cover over the pool every day.

spring pools

Spring Pools Opening & Usage

Once you’ve got your pool all cleaned up, all you need to do is keep up with the normal pool maintenance to keep your pool beautiful and bright. If you need any help with pool upgrades or repairs, make sure to give us a call and we will be glad to help you.

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