Creating a new swimming pool is a fabulous way to enhance your outdoor experience. It adds a wow factor to your dream abode and an impressive, elegant touch which can bewitch your guests. Host scintillating Fresno summer parties with your friends. Perhaps you’d like to relish a romantic poolside dinner with your partner? Having a customized pool lets you build lots of delightful memories right in the comfort of your backyard!

Yet, managing it can be a complicated, particularly if you are a first-time pool owner.

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How to Clean your New Swimming Pool

Regulate the Water Flow

There is a constructed circulating system for every swimming pool. It constitutes a pump which sucks in all the water from it and then passes it through the purification system. The circulation process heats and even treats the water at times. This technique kills all the dirt and microorganisms for a safer swim. Your pump should run for at least 8-12 hours a day. 

Setup a Stellar Filtration System

Filtration is an important part of the circulation process. It sterilizes and cleans the impurities of the new swimming pool. A daily filtration cycle of about 6-9 hours can suffice to do away with all the impurities. Maintaining the hygiene of the filters is a chief part of this procedure. It is where all the suspended particles gather.

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Remember to Clean your Filtration System

Furthermore, make sure to check up on your pump basket’s cleanliness and install a firmly fitted lid to avoid any leakage. This way even the fountains or jets you have added continue to circulate the water constantly. Materials like algae, bacteria, and sand tend to clog the filters. They must be filtered routinely in the interests of pool hygiene. Deep cleaning your filter of your new swimming pool should be an annual priority and you can rely on experts in pool servicing to conduct it.

Focus on the Sanitation of the Pool

The easiest and the most preferred sanitation practice to remove all the bacteria and algae is to use chlorine tablets. A chlorine level of 1-2 ppm should be maintained in the water. At times, excess chlorine added to the water can cause allergies and burns in those using the pool. Therefore, an optimum level of chlorine should be maintained, primarily 30-50 ppm stabilizer.

Redding pool cleaning

Shocking the Water with Pool Chemicals

Experts can recommend the specific tests to be conducted to check the pH level of the water. These test results should be your only conclusion to dictate cleanliness and not the mere presence of grime visible to the naked eye. Shocking it is another important element of the sanitation process that you must be mindful of. Such processes should be carried out on a regular basis to enjoy a healthy swim experience.

A dirty pool heralds serious health hazards for each of your family members. Regular checks of your new swimming pool should be mandatory. These will help you make the most of pool bliss in your backyard without disregarding sanitation.

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