If you want your own personal pool in Fresno but are not that fascinated with swimming and have limited space, then choosing a plunge pool needs to be top of the list. Plunge pools are the ideal solutions for smaller sized properties with small space. This type of pool is small and is not that deep. Contrary to bigger pools built for swimming, plunge pools are specifically for cooling off, lounging or simply wading after a tiring day. Because new homes are constructed on small lots, choosing a plunge pool is a unique way of saving space.

Plunge pools

Here are the reasons why plunge pools are a favorite:

If you are considering whether you need to get a plunge pool or not, then it is time you look at the following reasons.

1. Water conservation

Plunge pools use smaller and more compact variable speed pumps. This will result in the usage of up to 80% less energy in comparison to the normal pumps used in bigger pools. Instead of unpacking chlorine packets to clean up a small pool (spool), utilizing salt water chlorinator provides not only cleaner pool water, but also has therapeutic advantages. Overall, selecting plunge pools is obviously a justified choice, in comparison to the conventional pool. The reason being a plunge pool uses less water and less energy.

2. Create a focal point in your backyard

Plunge pools offer versatility in terms of the design. If you’re planning to use a plunge pool in your backyard space, then it’s easy to incorporate into your landscaping. Most homeowners who wish to install a plunge pool outdoors usually incorporate a water feature, like a sheer-descent or a water wall. By doing this, the pool can also double as a water feature as you unwind in the pool.

Plunge pools

3. Temperature control

One thing that a plunge pool needs is an efficient heating system. This will help in maintaining the temperature during those unpredictable changes in temperature because of a change in season. Owning a heating system will make sure that your pool in Fresno stays at the best temperature always. Many plunge pools have a gas or electric heater.

4.Versatile design

One worry that some homeowners in Fresno have when deciding whether to get a plunge pool is its functionality. The best part about it is that the versatile design of the plunge pools is the reason why you can use these pools year-round as your own spa.

Contrary to traditional pools that you cannot use during the winter season, plunge pools are smaller and incorporated into your home’s landscaping and architecture. This means they are less costly to heat. They can also have all the benefits of conventional spas, like jets and bubblers. Homeowners who prefer to stay fit by working out can incorporate swim jets to their plunge pool.

Plunge pools

Plunge Pools – Conclusion

Since all plunge pools are not aren’t built equal, the outcome can be just as great as the design you select. Before choosing a plunge pool design, look around until you get the best value for your money. Contact Premier Pools & Spas of Fresno today to get answers to all questions you have about plunge pools.

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