Homeowners in the SW Louisiana area who love swimming at night need niche-less led pool light. This type of light can keep their pool and spa accessible and safe without going over budget or sacrificing ambiance. The niche-less led pool light provides you with an affordable, quicker, and easier solution to adding colored lighting to your backyard pool and spa experience. Additionally, niche-less illumination will simplify pool lighting installations, and because of this pool experts are using them to their advantage.

nicheless led pool light

Features of Niche-less LED Pool Light:

  • Part of a full range of lighting watercolor features, falls, and bubblers
  • iAquaLink and AquaLink compatible
  • Energy-efficient
  • 5 light shows and 9 vibrant colors available
  • Brighter and better lighting

Technical Details of Niche-less LED Pool Light

  • For easy updates, it uses a longer niche conduit
  • Needs no traditional or bonding niches and installed with standard 1 1/2- inch return fittings
  • Low voltage (12VAC)
  • Redundant seal technology makes sure the electrical conduit isn’t a possible leak path
  • Maximum draw choices of 9, 20, and 30 watts

Benefits of Niche-less LED Pool Light

1. Energy Efficient:

A nicheless led pool light is very energy efficient. Usually, the lights draw only 9 – 30w at 120 volts alternating current. Just like many other low-voltage lightings, this light uses a transformer for power that is 120 VAC to 12- 14 VAC. Because these lights work at a lower wattage in comparison to traditional LED lights, nicheless lights can usually use a smaller transformer, even if you need more light.

2. Good Overall Lighting:

In spite of generating fewer lumens in comparison to standard LED lamps, nicheless led pool light usually look brighter. The reason being many nicheless lights just need 4.17 inches of water above them versus 18 inches for many wet-niche lights. By placing the nicheless led pool light nearer to your waterline, the light will remain in your pool, while any surface/bottom flaws will become less noticeable.

nicheless led pool light

Additionally, you can use more lights for the same price to get more evenly illuminated, brighter pool. Because these lights are cheaper than traditional lights, and installers make savings by doing away with niches, a contractor can install several niche-less led pool light systems for every one traditional light they might have earlier installed and not affect a customer’s budget.

This multiple light technique also minimizes shadows and hot spots, leading to more energy-efficient, esthetically appealing, light system.

3. Ground-Free and Bond-Free:

These pool lights are low-voltage LED systems with non-metallic housings. For this reason, they don’t need bonding or grounding. Given that most niche-less led pool light systems draw a bit of amperage and don’t need a ground wire, the cord sets are often thinner. This makes it simpler to fish the wiring through hard to reach or tight spots.

4. Simple Construction:

Niche-less lights don’t use a wet niche and; therefore, don’t need the gunite, steel, or the engineering detail that is often used in the installation of standard pool lights. For instance, some manufacturers provide lighting products that you can install in a standard 1.5-inch return fitting, attached to a plastic electrical conduit. Basically, the conduit and the fitting are the niches.

nicheless led pool light

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