Are you worried that algae are going to attack your San Antonio pool? No more algae is a great resolution to have any time of year. Dealing with a green pool is no fun, no matter how close it is to St. Patrick’s day.

No More Algae – Keep It At Bay

no more algae

If you’ve been a pool owner for any amount of time, you’ve probably dealt with algae in your pool. You go out to your pool expecting to see sparkling clear water and sadly you pool back your cover to find that you have a swamp in your pool instead of the clear water you had expected. Thankfully, it isn’t too hard to get rid of the algae and get back to the Summer swimming.

When you walk outside and see a green pool, it means that your pool has been temporarily infested with algae. Before you start swimming, you need to get rid of the algae. There are two things you need to start doing your no more algae treatment.

  1. Filter system
  2. Chemicals

While you are going to have to put in some work, you should be able to get rid of your algae problem in five days or less.

#1 – Test Your Water

Grab a chemical test kit to see what the chlorine and pH level of your pool are so you know the extent of your problem. If you notice your chlorine levels are below 1 ppm this could be the reason your pool has turned into a pool of algae.

#2 – Balance Your Pool Chemistry

no more algae

Once you have seen the results of your pH levels, you will need to either add acid or base to bring the level to around 7.8. While this is higher than the normal range you need for swimming, you are going to need it this high when it is time to treat your pool for algae. In order to balance your pH, turn your pump on and enable the chemical to circulate through the pool. You can correct your pH levels by adding sodium carbonate to increase the pH level or you can decrease it by adding sodium bisulfate.

#3 – Check Your Pool Filter

Make sure your pool filter is operating properly.

#4 – Clean the Pool’s Bottoms and Sides

Take a brush to clean the sides of the pool and a pool vacuum to clean the bottom. Make sure you get as much of the pool cleaning as you can by using this method. If you have an automatic vacuum this will make it easier, but they can be pricey depending on the model that you buy.

#5 – Shock the Pool

Once you are finished cleaning out the pool and balancing the chemicals, you need to make sure that you shock the pool. Make sure to follow instruction on shocking your pool so you are able to get your pool back to its normal beauty.

no more algae

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Once you have no more algae, you can go back to swimming in your beautiful pool. Make sure to keep your pool chemistry balanced so you do not have to deal with algae in your pool again.

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