Maintaining no pool chemicals in the Hamptons isn’t a simple job since there are various ways to choose from. You should also ensure that the way you’ve picked works well for your backyard pool. Whatever the kind of chemical free pool you’re dealing with, the outcome will be nearly the same. Chemical free cleanup of swimming pools provide lots of benefits that are far beyond, compared to the chemical procedures used for cleaning up the systems. The maintenance of no pool chemicals is much less and the total input expenses involved is quite less.

no pool chemicals

1. Keep debris away with a pool cover

You should use a pool cover to help keep your pool clean. Pool covers will keep debris and dirt away from your backyard pool and reduce the need for chemical cleaning products. Choose the one you can pull on and off with a reel or manually. This will help transform your Hamptons pool into an environmentally friendly one.

2. Oxygen pool cleanup technology

Oxygen pool cleaning technology is a revolutionary eco-friendly way of cleaning up the pool without the use of chemicals. Pure oxygen is changed into ozone, which is one of the most efficient and safest ways to get rid of viruses and bacteria from your backyard pool. Another benefit is that it cleans the pool using copper, which is safe for swimmers.

3. Use a robotic pool cleaner

These amazing devices help to keep the pool free of chemicals and clean. This is because of the smart technology, which lets the device to walk along your pool by itself. While the robotic pool cleaner goes over the walls and floor of your pool, it utilizes brushes that brush away the dust before a vacuum absorbs and it collects it in a filter. When it has finished cleaning, your pool will be free of chemicals and sparkling clean.

no pool chemicals

When looking for pool robotic cleaners, think about the kind of surface that your Hamptons backyard pool has. Some of these devices only work on specific kinds of surfaces. Other types can clean only the walls and the floor, but not the steps. There are lots of factors to think about before you purchase an automatic pool cleaner. It’s important to seek advice from our pool experts about the best pool cleaner.

4. Replacing the chlorine with salt

The most popular solution for pool cleaning is chlorine and one of the most hazardous too. Swimming for many hours in pool water that has been treated using chlorine will cause itchy skin, green hair and red eyes.

It is even a fact that a pool that has chlorine can trigger asthma and allergies in small kids. Rather than chlorine, you can use salt and you’ll have pool water that’s more gentle to your skin while keeping the algae and dirt the away in a natural way.

no pool chemicals

No Pool Chemicals- Conclusion

If you’re worried about the use of chemicals on your property, our skilled team is ready to answer any questions about pool maintenance questions. We would love to help you create your backyard oasis that not only suits your lifestyle but also your budget.

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