Luxury pools and spas are a perfect recipe for backyard fun and relaxation. When you want the best of both the worlds, get your pool attached with a custom spa. This way, you can make a splash in the pool and enjoy a relaxing soak in your hot tub spa. There are many design options that you can choose for a pool with spa. Here, they are:

An Integrated Spa

When you design a spa inside the swimming pool as a part of its overall design, it is called an integrated spa. You can build it in a side or a corner of the pool depending on your pool’s shape. There is a dam wall that separates the cold pool water from the heated spa. Since the spa is inside the pool, you can choose any design, size, or shape that suits your preferences. You can finish it with a different plaster or colorful glass mosaic tiles for a contrasting look.

NOLA Pools and Spa Designs That Will Woo You 3

A Perimeter Overflow Spa

The raised perimeter overflow spas create a unique design effect in your pool area. It is one of the most popular designs in luxurious pools and spas. To create this design, the walls of a spa are at a lower level than the water line. It allows the water to spill over the perimeter of the spa into the pool. There is a small containment vessel that holds the water and recirculates it in the spa. You can integrate this spa into the pool or attach it to your pool. Enhance the design of a raised perimeter overflow spa by multi-colored glass tiles that glisten under the sunlight.

An Attached Spa

When a spa is adjacent to the pool as a separate entity, it is called an attached spa. You can choose any shape or size and configure it as per the pool design. Also, you can experiment with an opposing shape for a unique design effect. For example, you can attach a circular spa to a rectangular pool. Mostly, both the pool and spa are finished in the same material for a cohesive look. You can install the spa inground or as an elevated structure above the ground.

A Spillover Spa

If your pool has an attached raised perimeter spa, you can opt for a spillover design. It creates a visual and audible appeal in your pool area. A section of the spa wall is built at a lower level with open space. It works as spillway through which water flows from the spa to the pool. The spillway makes water appear as a thin sheet that evenly falls into the pool. There may be one wide cascade or small spillways depending on your pool design.

NOLA Pools and Spa Designs That Will Woo You 4

A Detached Spa

If you have limited space around the pool, you can build the spa separately. It not only creates a bigger spa but also provides more privacy for complete relaxation. A detached spa is a wonderful option for open garden spaces. To create a unified look of both pool and spa, use similar materials, shapes, and patterns for them.

These are some fascinating design ideas to build pools and spas in your backyard oasis.

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