What is the Best Shape for My New Pool?

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What Pool Shape Should You Choose?

From where your pool will be located to what materials you will use during your pool designing process there will be some options to weigh. Your pool’s shape is a biggie! Function and aesthetics both have roles to play in your pool and your North Georgia in ground pool shape hits both. Pool experts will be able to assist you in determining which pool shape is best for your in ground pool. While kidney shaped and rectangular pools are popular starting points, your pool builder can adjust the design to be more functional for your lifestyle and desired pool fun.

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Deciding your pool shape

What pool shape you will go with will be based on the desired functionality of your pool. Early on you may have your heart set on a shape that just will not work for your future use or backyard space. Evaluating your specific needs with your pool builder will play a role in the shape of your pool. Additions to your North Georgia in ground pool can be cause for change in shape. Some decisions to go over with your pool builder may be:
1. How much space you have for your pool. Where in the backyard will it be and what size do you want your pool?
2. How big do you want your patio and deck to be?
3. Do you plan to reserve existing landscape or add on landscape features post pool installation?
4. Planning on adding a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, or related addition to your pool whether now or in the future? Where in relation to your pool do you want these add ons?
5. Who will be using the pool? Adults, children, elderly, or pets? Does your pool need to be disability friendly?
6. What sort of activities  will your pool hold? Diving? Swimming laps? Entertaining friends? Pool sports?
7. How deep do you want your pool? Do you want a deep end? Or deep in the middle with shallow ends?
8. Determine the style of your pool. Want it to match your house? Do you want contemporary? Lagoon style? Sleek? Traditional?
9. Which structural and decorative features do you desire for your pool? Waterfalls, LED lighting, multilevel decking, or a beach entry are great additions but should be thoroughly discussed with your pool builder.
10. Do slides, tanning ledges, or a diving board strike your fancy?
11. If using a pool cover, would an automatic slide cover be best for your North Georgia location?
12. If you may be moving within a few years, your pool absolutely will be a determining factor in selling. See if the pool style matches that of other pools in the neighborhood.

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Premier Pools & Spas Can Build the Backyard of your Dreams!

Other factors that may determine your pool shape is local building codes and home owners association regulations. Your budget will also help you determine what size and shape you should shoot for. If on a limited budget, your pool builder will most likely suggest a curved shape. Ultimately, your pool goals will have a huge say in what shape you decide on. Let Premier Pools and Spas help in designing your dream backyard today!

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