If you think you have an North Georgia pool leaking problem, you could lose some sleep over this issue. Any problems you have that come out of nowhere can be stressful, but when it is with something that is as big of an investment as your pool, it can be extremely frustrating. In this article, we are going to talk about how to know if you have a pool leaking problem and what to do about it if you do.

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Things You Need to Know About Pool Leaking

If you notice that your pool’s water level keeps going down, you may have a pool leaking problem. However, this doesn’t mean that you do have a pool leaking problem. You could be dealing with evaporation or could be losing water from excessive splashing. Either of these things could be causing you to lose water and would be much better for your wallet if that is the case. Although, it never hurts to check, just in case.

It isn’t uncommon that we hear from customers that are worried if their water loss is a pool leaking problem. Since water loss will occur due to the factors we spoke about above, there are some ways to determine if your loss of water is because of a potential leak or due to some other factor.

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Checking for Pool Leaking

Grab a 5-gallon bucket with pool water and fill it about 5 inches from the top. Fill the pool to the normal fill level. Take the bucket you’ve filled and immerse the bucket at least 5 inches in the water with the support of a step or bench and mark the water level in the bucket with duct tape or something similar.  Go to the pump, turn it off and mark the pool water level on the outside of the bucket as well. After you’ve finished, turn the pump back on and allow the pool to operate as it usually does.

In 24 hours compare the two water levels. If your water level in the pool goes down more than what is in the bucket, you are likely to be dealing with pool leaking. If the water is the same level, it is most likely evaporation that is the culprit of your lower water levels. To make sure your results are true, perform the task a second time.

If you want a professional point of view, Premier Pools and Spas would be more than happy to send one of our pool service guys out to check on your swimming pool. We are open for weekly pool service as well. Keeping up with your swimming pool maintenance is a important thing to do and we’re more than qualified to help you with keeping your swimming pool clean.

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Pool Leaking Conclusion

Most pools lose about 1/4″ of water per day but depending on the weather where you are and the amount of sunlight your pool gets, this could be different for you. Use a pool cover if you want to reduce the water loss from evaporation.

Even if you suspect a leak, it doesn’t mean your pool’s shell is having problems, it could be because of the plumbing. If you think you have a leak, you should call a pool specialist right away and have them take a look. We have seen all types of challenges with pools over our 30 years so make sure to give us a call so we can help you with any problem you might be having.

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