One of the most important aspects of pool repairs is the pool filter. Usually, the material used to make these is corrugated paper or polyester cloth. They can filter the water in the pools of up to 30,000-gallon capacity. These cartridges get clogged or dirty with time as they work to keeping your swimming pool clean. They must be cleaned properly to ensure that your pool water doesn’t get dirty and unhygienic.

But, every time you need to get the cartridge pool filters cleaned or replaced, you seem to be in a fix. So, here we give you the basic guidelines on how often you should replace your pool filter.

Pool Filter LifeRedding Pool Filter

If there are no major pool repairs, your cartridge pool filters are capable of running for almost 2,000 hours. Generally speaking, you have to replace them every year or every two years.

However, if the pool water often comes into contact with deodorants, suntan lotions, hair products, or other chemicals, the filter will not last as long. To check the condition of the pool filter, look at the cloth and the cartridge. If the cloth is loose or the cartridge seems cracked, you have to replace the pool filter with a new one.

Size of the PoolPool Filters

Other than the usage of the filter, the working of the cartridge pool filter also depends on the size of your pool. The quantity of water in the pool is as important as the quality of water. Likewise, how often you make use of your pool and how many people access it frequently are the other factors to consider.

For larger pools, you might have to replace the cartridge pool filter sooner than for smaller pools. Similarly, the more people use the pool often, the water gets dirtier more. The filters get clogged with the body oils, dirt, wastes, residual beauty products, or other chemicals.

For this reason, you need to rinse your filter from time to time, in order to prevent the dirt build-up and clogging.

Steps in Pool Filter Maintenance

  1. Rinse the Filter

The first step is to remove the filter from the cartridge. Secondly, rinse it off with regular water using a hose and a brush. Repeat this process once every week to keep the filter clean.

  1. Inspect the Filter

Now you must inspect the filter for any tears, or check if the center core of the cartridge has collapsed. Additionally, check if the water flow in the filter has decreased. Instead of handling the inspection yourself, hand the job to Redding pool professionals, who can take better care of your pool.

  1. Replace the Filter

Typically, you should replace your cartridge pool filter once it reaches its life or when it reaches its maximum limit- a pressure of 8 psi or more in the filter canister. However, if you find any cracks, clogs, or other issues in your inspection, you have to replace the filter immediately to avoid major pool repairs.

Take Measures to Elongate the Filter’s Lifepool pump motor

Elongate your filter’s life with proper measures. For one thing, you can use diatomaceous earth water clarifiers, to prevent clogging. Unconventional methods like using a tennis ball also work well to absorb oils from your pool. Or, you can use oil-absorbing sponges in your pool to filter the body oils brought in by the swimmers.


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