Whether you are getting a new pool for your Ogden home or you are preparing for an upgrade, here are some of the pool trends you can keep an eye out for with your inground pool.

Having your own pool can be a true thing of beauty except for when it isn’t When your pool starts looking old and out of date, you may want to give your pool a facelift or a features upgrade. The following pool trends will help you move toward having a dream pool that is going to make you proud to have friends over.

Pool Trends for 2018

Hydrotherapy Jets

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Hydrotherapy jets allow you to combine the fun and relaxation of having an inground pool with the health benefit of having a spa-like feature of a hot tub. When you have hydrotherapy jets in your pool, you are able to turn your pool into a great place to soak. If you have aching muscles and joints, this is the perfect thing for them. Whether you’ve had a tough workout or you are dealing with arthritis, these jets are great for you and it is no wonder they are one of the biggest pool trends. If you have a heated pool, you will notice the jets are even more soothing since warm water is another thing that helps relax joints and muscles.

LED Lights

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We all love looking at beautiful lights and now you can have LED lights in your pool. These lights come in a variety of colors so they will highlight your pool in almost any color you can imagine. They are great for function and for the aesthetic appeal. Lighting also helps with safety if you decide you want to swim after dark. You will also find it is more energy efficient so you are going to save money on your energy bill.


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When it comes to pool trends, automation is definitely one of them. Homes are already there so why not bring your pool up to standards? You can add automation to your pool by automated pool cover, heating systems, cleaners and more. These features make it easier for you to take care of your pool since you can control them all from your smartphone.

Integrating Pool Trends With Your Style

As you are looking at the different pool trends, there were probably a few different ones that stood out to you that you may want to implement. You can figure out different lights you want to put up and different things you would like to do with the pool using these pool trends as inspiration.

If you want to know other pool trends and things that are hot right now, you can speak to one of our pool professionals so we can help you through the design process. We have been working with pools for over 30 years so ask us questions and allow us to use our experience to help you.

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