When it is time to open an inground pool in Souderton, you may not be looking forward to it. Sure, you are excited about dipping into the pool for a nice swim, but you aren’t so excited about having to do the work to actually open an inground pool. While you could hire someone to do this for you, in this article, we are going to give you an overview of how to open an inground pool so you can know how to do it and handle it yourself.

open an inground pool

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Open an Inground Pool – Easy Overview

#1 – Remove Any Water and Debris From Your Pool

Before you try to open your pool cover, make sure that you’ve removed all water and debris. If you want to do this the easiest way, you can remove the water, let the pool cover dry for a couple of days and just use a leaf blower to blow off the debris. This will save you the time and energy of trying to remove stubborn and soppy debris from your cover.

#2 – Remove Your Cover

Once you’ve got the water and debris off your cover, it is time to carefully remove it. Make sure you have someone to help you get the cover off.

#3 – Clean & Store Your Winter Cover

#4 – Remove Any Winter Plugs & Skimmer Ice Compensators

#5 – Re-Install Your Deck Equipment

Now it is starting to look like a functioning pool again. It is time to gather your accessories and put them back where they belong. This includes your pool ladders, step rails, and diving boards. By the time you are done with this step, you can already see yourself jumping into your pool. Don’t forget the next step though.

#6 – Fill Your Pool With Water

It is time to fill your pool with water. You’re almost there. Whether you drained your pool during the winter or not, it may have lost water and be below the level it should be. Check to see if it is below the midpoint of your skimmer opening. If it is then you can grab your water hose and start filling your pool.

#7 – Setting Up Your Filter & Your Pump

open an inground pool

Photo courtesy of intheswim.com

#8 – Start Up Your System

Before you get too excited, make sure that you start up your system to see if it is functioning properly. You want to keep an eye out for any leaking or dripping. You may find that your pump is not pulling any water. In this case, you will want to prime the pump so it will function the way you need it to.

#9 – Get to Cleaning

Now that your pool is open and ready for a swim, you want to make sure that you clean it. When you open an inground pool, it can be a lot of work and you may want to do a quick cleaning, but truthfully, you need to be thorough. If you don’t give your pool a good cleaning when you open it, you may experience other problems.

#10 – Chemical Treatments

Do the proper testing for your pool and see what chemical treatments it needs.

For any of these steps that you don’t want to deal with, you can speak with a professional that can help you get the job done.

open an inground pool

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