If you have pool envy at your Orange Beach home, don’t worry because you can cause some envy of your own. Look for a water feature that is nice enough to make even the fanciest neighbor envious. There are plenty of design options to choose from. In this article, we are going to talk about building your swimming pool with a water feature.
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Water Feature & Luxurious Pool

If you’ve ever been to a resort and enjoyed their fancy waterfall or bubbler, there is no reason that you can’t do that for yourself. There are plenty of things you can do to make sure that you get the luxurious pool of your dreams with a water feature that makes your friends with pool ready to upgrade. One of those things is getting a good design plan in order.

Unless you’ve had some experience in designing swimming pools or you work in the industry, you may not be aware of all the new features that are available or how you can pair them together to make an amazing water display. This is why you should give us a call when you are thinking about getting started with your new pool. We have over 30 years of experience and can help you design a pool that is out of this world.

water feature

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Pool Waterfalls

Most pool waterfalls use your pool as a water source and through pipes connect the water to the feature’s spout. This is where the water falls several feet and goes back into the pool and this is how a water fall is different from a water cascade. You shouldn’t worry about how the pipes are going to make your pool look since they are concealed both for your vision’s sake and also for the safety of the pipes.

Pool Bubblers

There are a lot of designs for bubblers. Some are sea animals, turtles, frogs – you name it. They spill over into the pool but don’t require as much water as a waterfall is going to. Another style of pool bubbler is one that is submerged into the pool. Most of these are in a shallow area of the pool or tanning ledge.

water feature

Relax in Your Personal Oasis with Your Water Feature

No matter what type of water feature you decide you would like to have in your pool, they are very relaxing since the sound and movement on the water reminds you of being at a hot spring or a spa. Whether you have kids or it is all adults swimming, water features are a great way to liven up your pool and make it look beautiful. With the limitless options that are available, you will be able to get the exact look that you want.

If you are ready to start working on your design and get a pool that you neighbors can envy, give us a call. You will be glad you did when you are sitting by your pool with your toes dipped in the water. We look forward to working with you.

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