A Pool Design that Suits Every backyard

Outdoor Pool Ideas for your Fresno Backyard 1

Are you looking for outdoor pool ideas? You are on the right page. You can have a swimming pool on your property even if you have narrow side yards. In fact, you can all types, designs, styles, and sizes of swimming pools in the here and now. They can be natural pools, private water parks, Mediterranean escapes, or modern masterpieces.

Historic Tropical Masterpiece

Outdoor Pool Ideas for your Fresno Backyard 2

This historic home got a couple of new additions, such as a carport and a pool house. The pool was designed by Bender & Associates Architects to match the design and period of the house. Therefore, the pool improves your property rather than overpower it.

Desert Hardscaping

Outdoor Pool Ideas for your Fresno Backyard 3

This rectangular pool measures 33 feet by 14 feet. Ibarra Rosanao designed the pool landscaping. The big concrete balls were designed by Holler & Saunders of Nogales, Arizona. Lueders limestone was used on steel for the decking of the pool. On the other hand, they used mosaic glass tile to cover the interior of this pool. Inside the pool,

Pool House With a green roof

Outdoor Pool Ideas for your Fresno Backyard 4

Murray Legge Architecture of Austin is behind the designing of this modern backyard. This backyard hosts a pool house with a rooftop that features sedges, grasses, and wildflowers. Leuders limestone was used on the steel for the pool decking. On the other hand, mosaic glass tile was used to cover the interior of the pool. The stools lying inside the pool were made with gunite and tubes.

Family Pool

Outdoor Pool Ideas for your Fresno Backyard 5

This pool can offer a waterpark-like experience and appeals to people of all ages. The pool features, colorful landscaping, islands, waterfalls, stones, and many other appealing artistic elements. If you are looking outdoor pool ideas, this family fun pool can be a great choice.

Key West

Outdoor Pool Ideas for your Fresno Backyard 6

If you are in Key West, Florida, you can turn this natural landscape into a tropical one. This pool looks amazing. Craig Reynolds Landscape Architecture opted for Caribbean Blue Pebble Tec for the pool surface. For the deck and paving, they chose a herringbone patterned natural coral stone.

River View

Outdoor Pool Ideas for your Fresno Backyard 7

This lap pool was built at private house in Greenwich, New York. You can see a river across the landscape. Austin Patterson Disston Architects designed this long pool to enjoy the river view and swimming at the same time.

Moonlight Swim

Outdoor Pool Ideas for your Fresno Backyard 8

This sleek but modern swimming pool was designed by Pool Environments of Dallas. This lights around the pool spur on its owners to enjoy a midnight swim. Also, the side corner wall enables a natural transition from the structure to the pool.

Tropical Lighting Effects

Outdoor Pool Ideas for your Fresno Backyard 9

Patdo Light Studio of Port Chester lit this backyard pool to mimic the features of an outdoor swimming pool, such as hardscape, waterfalls, and landscaping.

L-Shaped Luxury