If you’re considering a saltwater pool, you might be wondering if the benefits outweigh the cost. In this article, we are going to review saltwater pool benefits.

Saltwater Pool Benefits You Need to Know About

salt water pool

Some people thought that having a saltwater pool was just a trend but now more people are realizing slater pools are here to stay. Experts say that over 50% of all new in-ground pools are saltwater and more chlorine pools are being converted to saltwater.

Less Expensive Over Time

As long as you plan to keep your saltwater pool for more than three years, your pool care will cost less than if you were to go with a chlorine system. And changing your chlorine pool to a saltwater pool is not a difficult process. However, your existing plumbing will have to be adapted to work with a special generator, and this can cost around three years’ worth of chlorine pool chemicals.

Even though it is less expensive to own a saltwater pool, you should think about the fact that salt can be corrosive to pool fixtures and the interior of the pool over time. You may have to replace things like coping, tile, decking, and ladders. Saltwater can accelerate the corrosion of metals.

salt water pool

Less Irritation

If chlorine and pool chemicals tend to take a toll on your skin and eyes, a saltwater pool, which is lower in disinfectant chlorine, might be the perfect answer. Saltwater is also kinder to clothing since there is less chlorine in the pool that will bleach your swimwear.

And, according to the American Lung Association, inhaling fine salt particles is actually very beneficial for promoting healthy breathing and reducing allergies. The fine salt particles draw water into our lung airways, which thins mucus.

salt water pool

Getting the Saltwater Pool You Want

The best way to make sure that a saltwater pool is the right type of pool for you is to speak with one of our pool building experts. Talk with us and tell us about your swimming habits and what activities you’d like to do in your pool.  We’re happy to give you the best advice when you are picking out your pool.

We have over 30 years of experience working with pools and have helped many families get the pool of their dreams.

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