Safety measures for pools are essential for everyone, both kids and adults are. A pool can be a very fun spot to unwind; however, it can also be a very hazardous area. Safety is the primary concern for most Palm Desert pool owners. There are several pool safety tips you should consider to help make your Palm Desert pool safe for kids.

Pool Safety Tips

Here are 10 pool safety tips to help create a healthy and safe area for your kids for fun year-round:

1. No running around the pool

Children love to play, and running around the pool is what they like most. While this may seem fun, it can be dangerous. When wet, a pool deck can be very slippery, so make sure you tell kids to walk carefully around swimmers to the pool area.

2. Avoid drains

Teach your kids to stay away from playing near suction outlets or pool drain. Entrapment takes place, particularly in the pools with just one flat drain. There are anti-entrapment drains you can get for your swimming pool for some peacefulness. But children should still avoid all pool drains.

3. Don’t leave kids unsupervised

Almost all parents are aware that it’s dangerous leaving kids on their own in a pool, yet annually most kids are. You can help reduce the number of mishaps by always having a responsible and mature person present when the swimming pool is in use.

4. Shower before entering the pool

You should make sure your child takes a shower before entering the pool. It’s best if you minimize the number of germs you carry into the swimming pool. The reason being, if everyone gets into the pool with dirt, germs will accumulate to a highly contagious level.

5. Keep your children within reach

Though the buddy system and lifeguards will be helpful, it’s good to have an extra set of eyes on young kids. Remember to keep young kids within sight.

Pool Safety Tips

6. Protecting eyes with goggles

Make sure your kid wear goggles. Your child’s eyes are exposed to chlorinated pool water for a long time when swimming. So it is best if you ensure kids wear goggles. These items minimize the contact between the child’s eyes and the water.

7. No diving

Children may not like this; however, it can help prevent a serious neck or head injury.

8. Swimming lessons

Swimming is an important skill that can save your little one’s life, not forgetting all the health benefits and fun it will bring.

9. Use sunscreen

It’s important to protect your child from the hot summer sun. Ensure your little one applies sunscreen before getting into the swimming pool. It’s best if you use waterproof sunscreen. However, even if you use it, the sunscreen should be re-applied after one hour in the swimming pool.

10. No swimming with a cold

You should not allow your little one swim with a cold. A kid who has a cold is contagious to the other swimmers. Furthermore, the child swimming with a blocked nose can damage the ears.

Pool Safety Tips

Pool Safety Tips – Conclusion

Now that you understand the importance of pools safety and a few things you can do to make things better for your pool, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Palm Desert for any concerns you may have.

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