When it is time to open your Palm Desert pool, you might is probably racing to Memorial Day pool parties. Pool parties are half the fun of having a swimming pool. Sure, it is great to have the pool for your alone time, but having friends and family over to enjoy the pool with you is a lot of fun too. In this article, we are going to talk about opening up your pool and planning amazing pool parties.

pool parties

Get the Pool Open

It’s time to get the pool open and it is exciting to think about planning pool parties, but you need to do the work of getting the pool out of winter mode.

Removing the cover is one of the first tasks you are going to tackle. Before you take the cover off, make sure to clean the area around the pool as well as the cover so you are going to be able to keep any extra debris out of the pool. If there is water pooled on top of your pool cover, you can use a pool cover vacuum to get that off, let the debris that is left there dry and then blow it off or sweep it away.

pool parties

Before any pool parties, you need to make sure your water chemistry is balanced. Check the pH level as well as chlorine level so that there are no unwanted bacteria taking a swim with you. If you aren’t sure how to test your water, you can take a sample to the local pool shop or have a pool service take care of that part of things.

Besides for that, you need to make sure all of your pool functions are working properly, get your pool furniture set up and get started preparing for the pool parties.

pool parties

Getting Ready for Your Pool Parties

Getting ready for pool parties is half the fun. Planning for the big day when everyone is going to come over and have some fun. Having a pool party theme is one way to make the party more fun. Who couldn’t resist being a mermaid or a salty pirate at a Pirates of the Carribean themed party? Think up something fun and make sure to send out invitations with the theme to get people in the mood. The more people that play along, the more fun.

If you are having a potluck, make sure everyone knows what they should be planning. You don’t want everyone to bring chips or cheese. Having some idea of what is going to be coming will allow you to set up a menu that everyone is going to love.

Those of you that are going to be having an adult/kid party need to get the drinks planned. Make sure you know what everyone is drinking so you can have a successful party and have plenty of good kid-friendly drinks. Soda, punch, water, and lemonades are usually good choices for the kids and the adults know what they like.

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