A chlorine free pool has always been on the wish lists of swimming pool enthusiasts around the country. We have heard of going green at home for many years, and now it is the turn of your pools in Palm Desert. A chlorine free swimming pool will ensure the water stays crystal clear after each use. Chlorine is needed for traditional swimming pool systems. Since it can not only sanitize the swimming pool but it can also get rid of organic waste and pool bacteria.

Chlorine Free Pool

This all seems good until you discover that chlorine can irritate the skin, nose, and eyes of pool users. Once you have a chlorine free pool, you can help in reducing the irritation and burning to the skin, nose, and eyes of swimmers. Your friends and family will also have more fun in the swimming pool without suffering skin irritation or burning their eyes.

How can a Chlorine free pool keep pool water crystal clear?

The pool water stays crystal clear after each use. This is because oxidizing organic pollutants can restore clarity by helping particles to mix together making it simpler for the pool filter to get rid of water pollutants. So you won’t see any clouding of the water.

Your bathing suits and pool surface will remain in great shape. This is because chlorine free pools don’t need bleach that’s widely known for staining painted walls and vinyl liners and fading bathing suits.

A chlorine free pool is the best type of swimming pool for both the old and young. It protects swimmers from hay fever, organochlorines and minimizes severe asthma symptoms and allergies.

Chlorine Free Pool

In short, the swimming pool will ensure swimmers are healthy while helping to maintain a low maintenance swimming pool. It’s the best way to go green with your swimming pool.

Why everyone wants to be chlorine free

There are many reasons why people prefer to have a chlorine free pool. Most people want to live more eco-friendly lives. This would definitely include making use of less chlorine in their swimming pool. A bit of chlorine is important to life; however, it can get hazardous at high concentrations. Make your pool more eco-friendly by using less chlorine.

Most people do not like the skin irritation, stinging eyes and smell that’s linked to a chlorinated swimming pool. Many of these symptoms originate from the chloramines, which are released when this chemical breaks down.

Premier Pools, Palm Desert pool builders are here to design and build you a swimming pool, which is safe and simple to manage. You will get this type of pool environment with a chlorine free pool.

Chlorine Free Pool

If you are worried about the use of chemicals in your swimming pool, experts at Premier Pools & Spas of Palm Desert are here to help. Our experienced team is on standby to answer any pool maintenance questions you have. We’ll help you construct your dream pool that will not only fit your budget but also your lifestyle. Contact us today!

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