Summer fun in Pensacola is usually accompanied by the intense heat and so residents are always looking for the best ways to stay cool while still having fun. Backyard swimming pools are a great way to beat the summer heat from the comfort of your own home. Likewise, community swimming pools in Pensacola offer some of the cool comfort and convenience of a residential swimming pool as well. These are great ways to cool off and have fun with the entire family; however, now there is another option in Pensacola – a splash pad!
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So What Is A Splash Pad

A splash pad is an alternative water feature that can usually be found in public parks in cities such as Pensacola; although they can be built for residential properties as well. Whether you call it a splash pad or a spray pool it is still the same fun water feature. It is a designated water play area that, unlike swimming pools, actually doesn’t have any standing water (or it has a negligible amount).

The average splash pad will usually consist of a heavy duty material to cover the floor area, such as crumb rubber or non-slip concrete. Coming up through this surface will be ground nozzles of varying heights and shapes. These ground nozzles carry water from underground pipes up through the base of the splash pad. The curvature, shape, and direction of the nozzle will determine how the water is sprayed out. Some features of complex splash pads can include: tree showers, rainbows, and even mushroom showers. A few splash pads will even give users the ability to interact with each other by spraying water other with water from movable nozzles. While these moveable nozzles look somewhat like the ones one fire trucks, they don’t spray water with enough force to actually hurt anyone.


The control mechanism for a splash pad can vary with each design. A basic splash pad will just have a simple on and off switch or valve that controls the flow of water to the nozzles and showers. More advanced splash pads will have a more convenient solution in the form of motion sensors that are usually hand activated. These motions sensor based water pads typically run on a timer, preventing excess water wastage.

High quality splash pads will always use water that is safe to be played in. Freshwater is sometimes used; however, it can also be water that is recycled and treated. If a splash pad is located on a community lot then the water will usually be treated to the same standard of purity as swimming pool water.


Our New Splash Pad In Pensacola

Splash pads are a great way for kids to have fun in Pensacola in a safe and convenient way. Since there is little to no risk of drowning then lifeguards and other safety personnel are not required. Kids can be left to frolic and play on a splash pad with limited supervision from parents or guardians.

Our Premier Pools & Spas team in Pensacola has just finished the construction of a brand new splash pad! Kids in Pensacola can now have fun this summer in their very own little water park. Get down there and take a look for yourself!

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