The pool deck is the immediate area around the pool used for various entertainment activities. It is also known as pool patio where you can place backyard furniture, tables, and chairs for family gatherings. When designing a pool deck, materials and patio essentials matter. Let’s look at some popular pool decking options for outdoor entertainment.

Chairs and Tables

inexpensive pool deck options

Your guests and loved ones need comfortable places to sit by the pool. Also, you will need something to put the food plates on. There are various options in patio-dining sets. For example, cast iron patio furniture tends to be smaller in size and also popular. However, the set has only 2 to 4 chairs. If you want something for a bigger gathering, consider picnic tables or weatherproof kitchen table. Selecting right patio furniture will not only make the guests comfortable but it will also add to the visual appeal of the pool deck.

Pool Shade

The sun blazes in Orange County during summers and temperature may reach up to 80° F during the day. The pool shade not only protects your guests and children from the blazing sun. It also keeps the area around the pool cooler. It will keep the heat out from the area and you can avoid problems of sun exposure after a cool dip in chlorine water. You can install a large umbrella over the table which gives the pool deck a nice touch. Also, your guests will feel cooler while having food by the pool.

Grills and Tools

When having a party by the pool, you wouldn’t want to waste time cooking in the kitchen and serving your guests. When you have a grill installed on the pool deck, you can make the perfect piece of meat or grill some burgers and hot dogs by the pool. This way, you can be with your guests all the time and be part of the fun gathering. If you don’t want to set up an outdoor kitchen, you can buy a standalone grill that is easy to use. It is one of the best pool decking options for your home.


If your party will continue till late at night, you will need some good lighting on the pool deck. Lights in the backyard provide you enough illumination. However, having good lighting on the pool deck illuminates the surroundings in the right manner and makes the party more happening.


backyard fire pit

Though Orange County does not have freezing winters, a fire pit can be a good addition for some warmth after a cool dip in the evening or night. Watching the flames of the fire after a good meal is a great kickback for many.

Outdoor Dinnerware

You need to specifically buy sturdy outdoor dinnerware for parties and gatherings by the pool. Don’t buy a glass or ceramic dinnerware as they break easily. Buy hard plastic bowls and plates that can easily survive accidental falls on the pool deck.

Hosting a party or show by the pool is always a good opportunity to spend time with friends and family. Selecting the right pool decking options will enhance the fun element of the party and make family and friends gathering a hit.

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