A backyard swimming pool is a big investment, no doubt about it. Adding the perfect water features will increase the value of your property in addition to making it look more pleasing. Here are some water feature ideas and the estimated amount you need to spend in order to add them.

water features

A water curtain

$1,500 to $3,000

Water curtains provide tons of fun and look aesthetically pleasing. It can also reduce backyard temperature through evaporation. Some of the water evaporates when it falls. When water turns into gas, it tends to absorb heat. Water curtains look beautiful and perform an important function.

laminar jets

Deck jets

$1,800 to $2,500 per set of four

Deck jets are a type of fountain feature. They shoot water from the paving or deck into your swimming pool. Just like water curtains, these jets reduce the air temperature around your swimming pool. They also offer an element of fun. It is important to keep in mind that the jets should be maintained in order to prevent clogging.

retaining wall

A feature wall

$1,000 and up

As far as pool landscaping is concerned, feature walls look great with a textured or decorative surface that incorporates flowers and plants. They offer security and privacy, and may include a waterfall or water curtain. You can design a rock wall in many ways. Plus, it will look great if you plant a few plants near it.

pool landscaping plants


$200 and up

You can use statues to decorate the garden or swimming pool. For example, you can choose modern sculpture, animals, human figures, and ornate planters. By doing so, you can bring a creative, classical for artist look right into your backyard.

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