What is a Pergola?

pergolaA pergola is an archway in a garden or park consisting of a framework covered with trained climbing or trailing plants. A pergola can be the perfect fit to add beauty to your backyard, but it can also serve additional purposes

Pergolas provide coverage or a shaded area for reading or enjoying the outdoors while escaping from the sun’s scorching rays. If you enjoy being outdoors but don’t necessarily want to sit in direct sun, a pergola can provide you the protection you need.

Pergolas can add dimension and separation to your pool area. They provide height and can house beautiful plants and flowers, to give a sense of tropical escape to your backyard.

Pergolas can also extend your living space by adding a sense of the indoors, outdoors. Installing a pergola can provide a shaded area for entertaining and can extend the time spent outdoors.

There are so many different styles and types of pergolas you can build. Here are the typical materials used for building pergolas.

wood pergolaPressure-treated wood: A pressure-treated wood pergola is a popular choice. They have a reasonable lifespan. This type of pergola generally looks best if painted or stained.

Cedarwood: Cedar is a classic choice. It’s naturally insect-resistant and doesn’t require paint or stain. Left untreated it will turn grey and keep your backyard looking natural. A cedar pergola is more expensive than a pressure-treated pergola, but you’ll typically experience a longer lifespan with cedar.

Vinyl: If you’re looking for a pergola that requires very little maintenance, vinyl is another option. Your color choices are limited, as vinyl cannot be painted.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass pergolas are generally the most expensive, but they come with significant benefits. Fiberglass can be painted any color you desire. Fiberglass pergolas are perfect for adding to either a deck or existing patio. Fiberglass is quick to install and strong enough to endure harsh weather.

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