Pergola Ideas

What is a Pergola? It’s an archway in a garden or park consisting of a framework covered with trained climbing or trailing plants. A pergola is a perfect fit to add beauty to your backyard. They provide coverage or a shaded area for guests to sit and bask in the beauty. They are also something elegant to look over your stunning swimming pool. A pergola adds a perfect touch for the start of your staycation, adding a beautiful covered garden to provide a sense of peace to your backyard. As you relax and listen to the waterfall in your swimming pool, you can look at all the beautiful vines and flowers around you. There are so many different styles and types of pergolas you can build, here are a few to spark your imagination.   

Giant Reading Room-

An arched pergola frames this beautiful outdoor room. With a homeowner that loves to read, it’s a perfect fit with a little library incorporated into the design.

Bold Lines-

A dramatic wood and shaded cloth pergola creates a warm atmosphere with a contemporary look for this stunning patio design.

Tucked Away-

This hidden little nook gets it’s charming design based on delightful details such as, tiny hanging lanterns/lights, retro furniture and lush container plants.

Expanding Landscape-

Move your beautiful garden away from the house and place it in & around a stunning pergola. Adding beauty to your backyard.

Romantic Space-

The twining vines of clematis soften up this hardscaping and add a burst of color to this outdoor room.

Pockets Full of Plants-

Vertical walls of plants provide the privacy screening for this outdoor dining room. This decorative light adds a delicate element that pulls everything together.

Waking up Outdoors-

Moving the doors covered in a vertical garden of orchids make up the entire back wall, which opens into this beautiful outdoor space.

Dining in Style-

This stunning dining room is on a raised deck and is an extension of the homes kitchen and features an elevated fireplace. The white trim, distressed finish and picket-fence like ‘walls’ complement the home’s new-england styled design.

Double Decker Pergola-

Using the roof of a poolside dining pergola as the foundation for a second-story deck.

Woven Roof-

Going for a bohemian look, this pergola is hand-dyed rope to create the webbing for the ceiling and added multiple suspended baskets that hang from the wooden supports of the pergola.

Nothing like a beautiful wooden arch to go with your stunning Premier Pool. It pulls everything together, creating the perfect peaceful atmosphere in your backyard.