When you are thinking pet safety, remember that summer can be extremely hot for your favorite furry friends. In this article, we are going to talk about 10 ways to cool your pets this summer.

Pet Safety Products to Keep in Mind

Road trips, days at the lake and other times can be a lot of fun but if you don’t make sure your pet is keeping cool, you may find your pets feel less than amazing. Here are some things that will help with your pet safety, so you can feel confident with your pets being on the road with you.

#1 – Quick Shade

When you have your pets out at the beach, there may not be a good place for them to cool off. Pop up quick shade, such as an easy up or a shade tent and your pets will have instant shade as well as a place to prop themselves up off the hot ground. While you may think about the shade helping your pet, don’t forget that having your pets on hot surfaces isn’t good for them either.

#2 – Pet Floats

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Put your pet on a float and let them hang out in the pool or on the lake with you. Don’t forget to watch them since they may fall asleep and float away.

#3 – Doggie Bow Toe

You can make a cooling pack bow tie and not only be cool but also be fashionable.

#4 – Doggie Froyo

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Give the pup an icy treat to him them cool. You love it. Why wouldn’t they?

#5 – Cat Scratcher

During summer months, your cats are likely to shed a lot. Help the process with a cat scratcher and make it easier on your cat.

#6 – Canvas Doggy Tote Bag

Your small pets can fit into your tote bag to keep their little feet cool when walking in hot areas.

#7 – Collapsible Travel Cups

Your pets need to keep cool and hydrated while you are on your fun walks. Having collapsible cups is going to help you make sure they won’t miss out on their drinks.

#8 –  Green Tennis Ball

During summer there is more playtime for your tennis ball but it’s likely your tennis ball isn’t going to last long. Get the Green Tennis Ball grip so your ball can last longer for more play time with your pet.

#9 – Water Dog Toy Sets

Freeze up your favorite water toys so your pets have something nice to chew on and cool off. Doggy will love it and you’ll know they are staying cool.

#10 – Poolside Lounging 

Lastly, even if you and your pet are spending a relaxing day poolside, there are ways to stay off the hot cement and keep cool. Laying on a pool float, swimming in your pool, or lounging on a reclining chair in the shade will keep you cool on hot summer days.

Build a Pool to Keep Cool during the Summer

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