If you have a pool on your Tucson property, it’s best to teach your furry friend how to swim. If the pet refuses to swim or doesn’t have the physical ability to do it, then make sure the pool is safely gated. The ability to swim will depend on the breed. Specific dogs can swim after some lessons while others swim by purely instinct. Some pets are afraid of water to the point they will avoid bodies of water. It is important that you do your bit towards pet safety by encouraging your pet to be comfortable in the pool water.

pet safety

You can spend one-on-one time with your pet in the pool. Gauge your pet’s skill and comfort in the water. There’s a chance your pet will refuse swimming in the water. Should this be the situation, your pet should have a simple escape from your pool.

Consider these Pet Safety Tips around Your Pool:

Pool Safety Covers:

If your pet can regularly access the pool or can easily climb or jump over a pool fence, selecting the right pool cover can be a lifesaver. It is important that you get a pet safety pool cover, made to stop pets from getting access to your pool. The pool covers are usually created from far more durable material than standard covers. Additionally, heavy-duty straps ensure they stay in place along the edge of the pool. You should shop for a safety cover that will withstand the weight of your furry friend.

pet safety

Keep an Eye on Your Pet around Water:

First, pet safety involves not allowing your pet in your pool without your watchful eyes. Also, pets of any swimming skill level or age can climb on top of the cover and be at risk. Always keep a close eye on your pet when by the pool water.

Exit Strategy:

One of the very first things when it comes to pet safety is to teach your pet to exit the pool. Unless you have a walk-in entry or very shallow pool, it is not likely that your pet can get to the bottom, even in your pool’s shallow end. This will make a trouble-free exit important. Along with training your pet to exit the pool, install floating stairs or a pool ramp at your pool’s opposite end. These floating ladders offer something for your furry friend to grab onto in the event that they get tired while swimming or fall into the pool.

Prevent Your Pet from Accessing the Pool:

There may be instances when your pet ventures around your pool and you’re not around to keep an eye on them. A fence can help prevent your furry friend from accessing your backyard pool without your consent.

Adding a pet safety fence will serve as a helpful barrier to keep your children, pets, and others away from the pool. Don’t worry about the fence affecting the aesthetics of your home. What’s important is making your Tucson pool area risk-free.

With these pet safety measures in place, playing in your pool with your pet can be a lot of fun for you both!

pet safety

Pet Safety – Conclusion

Have you thought about having a pool for your pets? Are you interested in learning more about pet safety in and around your pool? Do you have any barrier to keep your furry friend out? Feel free to contact pool experts at Premier Pools Spas of Tucson today!

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