Summer is a time when people are relaxing and cooling down by the pool. If you are fortunate to have a swimming pool in your backyard, then your furry friend most likely loves to spend time with you when you are enjoying the water. Most dogs love hanging out in or around the swimming pool. You need to keep your pets in the pool safe. Below are essential tips that will help to ensure your dog’s safety.

Pets in the pool

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Always keep an eye on your pets in the pool

Regardless of whether your dog can swim, you should not leave him around the swimming pool unattended. Ensure that the fence is high and secured so that the dog cannot push through, leap over, or squeeze under. Bring your furry friend with you when you are done swimming for the day, and make sure the gate is secured properly.

In case you have kids playing and swimming while the dog is around, then you need to ensure that they can play safely with the dog, both around and in the pool. Teach the kids to never grab onto the dog while they are swimming, and at all times watch them carefully.

Introduce your dog to water gradually

Before you allow your dog to dive into the swimming pool, ensure that the dog is a strong swimmer. Spend some time to introduce your dog to the pool water slowly, and ensure that you are close by in case the dog needs help.

Most dog breeds swim naturally; however, others are not natural swimmers and might need some time to help them master how to swim.

Pets in the pool

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Get life vests for your pets in the pool

If your dog is going to be spending lots of time swimming, then you should buy a canine life vest. This is especially crucial if your dog is not a good swimmer.

Dog life vests are available in various sizes.

Give fresh water

When you are spending time with your dog at the poolside, make sure you give the dog clean, fresh water to drink. Your furry friend might attempt to drink the swimming pool water, which is not good for the dog’s health and should be discouraged.

Make sure you present your dog with his water container and encourage the dog to drink from that container only.

Pets in the pool

Wash your dog off

After all the fun in the pool, take a moment to wash the dog off. The chlorine that is in the pool water can easily irritate the dog’s skin.

You should use a gentle shampoo if you need to wash your dog frequently during the summer, as this will help keep your dog’s skin healthy.

You should not leave your dog unsupervised near a pool

A pool can pose a danger to your dog if the surface is slippery. Unluckily, not all dogs are good swimmers. Even if you are only dashing inside to get your refreshment, you need to bring your dog with you to prevent any incidents.

Have a safe and great time with your furry friends this summer!

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