When you are thinking about pets & pools, you might be wondering about best practices for when you are swimming with your dog. In this article, we are going to talk about things you should know about swimming with your dog.

While the movies often portray all dogs as being able to swim and all dogs loving to be in the water, that is not always the case. Making sure that your dog actually wants to swim and be in the water is one important thing you need to think about before you decide to put your dog in your swimming pool. Once you’ve determined your dog wants to swim, note the following tips for keeping your dog and pool safe.

Dog Safety When Dealing with Pets & Pools

pets & pools

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Pets & pools can be a fun combination, but the first thing you need to think about is their safety.

Nail Trimming

Before you let your dog in the pool, make sure you have their nails trimmed all the way down. Not only could your dog scratch your pool liner (if you have one), but your dog could also scratch you up if they decide they are going to use you as a float. Making sure your dog’s nails are trimmed properly will keep this from being a problem.

Grooming the Dog

Whether you groom the dog or you have your dog groomed, it is important that you keep their hair to a minimum or it could do a serious number to your pool’s filter.

pets & pools

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Be Care With Pool Toys

It isn’t uncommon for a dog to be going after a toy and hit their tooth up against the pool causing a chip in the tooth. Make sure you throw the toy in the center of the pool to stay safe.

Use a Life Jacket With Your Dog

Whether your dog is good at swimming or not, it is always smart to have a life jacket on your dog. Sometimes dogs can get fatigued. Anytime you are dealing with pets & pools, you have to keep in mind that they aren’t often thinking about their energy level and may not notice when it is time to call it quits.

Introduce Swimming Slowly

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If your dog isn’t used to swimming, make sure to take it slow as you are showing them how to swim. It can be a challenge for your dog if you make them go swimming for hours the first time you get them in the water.

Rinse Your Dog

After you get out of the pool, make sure to rinse your dog so they are able to keep from irritation on the skin or eyes. If you don’t do this, you may have an unhappy puppy on your hands.

Use Sunscreen

When you are working with pets & pools, they are no different than humans. They need sunscreen to keep them protected from the UV rays as well.

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