PH Levels and Alkaline in Your Pool

So last week we talked to you about chlorine and I know you all are super eager to learn about another important factor of pool chemistry.

water chemistry and ph levels

The acidity or PH levels of water are another important factor when balancing and testing your pool water. PH can be crucial because if your PH is off balance it can lead to skin irritation or other negative side effects.

So what do you need to know about PH levels? Well it runs on an inverse scale so 1ppm is high and 14ppm is low (And fun fact PPM stands for Parts Per Million).

7ppm is considered baseline for PH. But you want to keep your water just slightly above baseline to prevent that algae from growing! The ideal ph level range for a pool or spa is from 7.2ppm to 7.8ppm, but keep in mind that levels can vary if you have a fiberglass pool rather than the standard gunnite.

Then we get to Alkalinity which is what supports the PH and keeps it from fluctuating. If alkalinity is too low (80ppm or below) then the PH levels will drop and if it’s too high (120ppm or higher) than the PH levels will rise. Basically do your best to keep it 100ppm. 100 is basically your Goldilocks level. It is just right.

And that’s just a little refresher in water chemistry 101 from your friends at Premier Pools and Spas.

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