Homeowners in Phoenix have to all learn at some point that adapting to the area’s unique climate and landscape is a necessity. Desert landscaping techniques are important in Phoenix for homeowners that want to create homes that are aesthetically appealing. Dry regions like Phoenix actually have a lot of distinctive aesthetic choices and alternatives. At first glance the visual prospects of desert landscaping can actually seem limited compared to more conventional types of landscaping. However, residents simply need to think outside the box and use a little ingenuity when designing their own Phoenix oases.

Phoenix Oasis Tip #1: You Don’t Need A Lawn


Tate Studio Architects

The traditional natural green lawn is quite possibly the most frequent landscaping feature that homeowners in Phoenix don’t want to omit from their homes. However, the reality that residents have to face in desert areas is that traditional lawns are simply too challenging to maintain. The upkeep of a traditional lawn in desert areas will obviously demand larger amounts of water compared to the upkeep of a lawn in greener areas. Also, maintenance of traditional lawns in desert areas like Phoenix is far more time consuming and tedious.

However, you should not let this deter you from incorporating vegetation into your home’s landscape. Instead, it is recommended that you focus on flora that is native to the region and can also tolerate the desert climate. Desert plants are often stereotyped as being dull and unattractive but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are numerous plants that are not only resilient but also beautiful as well, a few of these are: orange jubilee, purple sage, bottlebrush, bougainvillea, and oleander. These pretty plants love the sun, need very little maintenance, and can survive droughts!

Phoenix Oasis Tip #2: Incorporate Water Wisely


Turner Martin Design

When it comes to desert landscaping, the first features that many homeowners choose to forgo are water features. While water conservation is a major part of desert landscaping water features such as pools and spas can exist in areas like Phoenix.

Factors that homeowners need to keep in mind when they are planning to get water features (or if they have them already) is that reasonable designs and proper maintenance can both go a long way. Skilled pool builders can find ways to create pools that are just as stunning but use less water.

Phoenix Oasis Tip #3: Faux Lawn, Real Beauty


Exteriors By Chad Robert

We’ve already mentioned how not having a lawn doesn’t have to affect the overall beauty of your landscape; however, if you simply can’t do without a lawn then you have another option.

For homeowners in desert areas like Phoenix, having artificial turf as an alternative to a natural lawn is a blessing. Just a couple decades ago using artificial turf would have been a huge landscaping faux pas; however that is not the case nowadays. Artificial turf that is being produced nowadays looks surprisingly similar to natural grass and it even has a similar feel as well. Unlike a natural lawn, artificial turf is now being manufactured to be even more durable than before; with the ability to withstand high temperatures and harsh climates. Best of all, artificial turf requires no water at all.

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