When you are talking to pool builders in Phoenix, you may have found out that you can have a pergola built along with your swimming pool. We are always glad to help our clients with any type of add on they need to have done. Building a pergola is a way to make your space look beautiful and fresh. In this article, we are going to talk more about pool builders and Pergolas.

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Pool Builders and Getting Your Pergola Built

A Pergola is common to have built around your swimming pool and in many cases customers enjoy having it in their backyard. A Pergola is a freestanding structure that is built near the pool so that you can get out of direct sunlight. While this structure does not necessarily have a roof, it does have slats that will keep you out of the sun, while it still allows air to circulate.

Where to Put Your Pergola

Many people have these put over their outdoor kitchen for a sense of living space and shade. This allows you to have a room feeling with an open concept, so you can still interact with everyone. If you have a hot tub, this is another good place that you can put your new structure. You can even put some drapes on it so you can close the area around your hot tub for extra privacy. Patios are another great option since you can put your furniture under it for more shade. As pool builders, we think any of these places are good options to put a pergola, and in the end the decision is up to you and what works with  your backyard design.

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When you are figuring out the design for your new Pergola, you can have it anyway that you want. Whether you want it to be square, u-shaped or a custom shape, as long as it fits in the constructed area designed for it, our pool builders will be able to build it. They are usually made of treated lumber but some people prefer vinyl.

Pool Builders & Functional Add-Ons

When you have pool builders like Premier Pools and Spas, we want to make sure that you get the whole backyard experience that you want. We are glad to help you through each part of enhancing your backyard.

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Having a Pergola near your pool is a great way to allow for more areas where you can sit and enjoy the view of the pool.While you are having upgrades done, you may want to add a fountain or other water feature to your pool to entertain you while you watch the pool from your new Pergola perch and hang out space.

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