Did you know it is possible to feed your family by putting a garden in your pool? In this article, we are going to talk about how you can put a garden in your pool.

garden in your pool

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Benefits of Putting a Garden In Your Pool

Most people have not thought of making a pool garden but there has been a movement across the US where people are taking their old pools and making a garden. One family out of Arizona started the trend when they bought a house that had an old broken down pool. They could have spent thousands of dollars to redo it, but they decided to make a garden in their pool.

There are some obvious benefits of putting a garden in your pool such as saving money, convenience and the ability to learn how to grow your own food. The art of farming has been lost to many but there are still some that are attempting to live a more sustainable life and live without total dependency on the grocery store and other stores.

garden in your pool

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How Does It Work When Putting a Garden In Your Pool

If you decide to put a garden in your pool, instead of soil, the Garden Pool plants grow on coconut coir or clay pellets. Any excess moisture drips into the pond below and along with the rain catchment system the whole system requires only a small amount of water that would be used by a conventional garden. This is great for places that do not get much rain.

Instead of using commercial fertilizer, the chicken droppings are set up to fall through wire mesh that has been strung across the pool’s deep end. It nourishes the algae and duckweed on the pond between it. The tilapia then eat the pond plants, release their own nitrogen-rich excrement and then the fish water gets funneled into the hydroponics system so the produce can grow. The fish water is funneled using a solar-powered electric pump.

garden in your pool

Photo courtesy of grist.com

Getting Your Own Garden In Your Pool

If you don’t have a pool yet and want to start your own pool garden, we will be glad to help you get started. This trend is moving upward and more people like the idea of being able to take care of themselves instead of having to depend on other people for their existence.

While you may be making a pool to have a garden in, you can still make the landscaping around the pool in a beautiful way that will compliment your new addition. Speak to us about any additional features you require and we will do our best to accommodate you so you are able to get the results that you want from your new venture. We have been helping people with their pool design and installation for years and we will be glad to help you with yours as well. Just give one of our pool professionals a call so we can help you get started.

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