Phoenix residents are ready to get their Summer workouts going. Havings abs that are pool ready is one of the things people put up on their top Summer goals. In this article, we are going to talk about Summer workouts you can do for your abs in the pool.

Summer Workouts – Kickboard Kicks

This is something like a beginner swimming lesson. Put your arms out overhead, hold onto the kickboard in front of you and begin to kick your feet. As you start swimming, think about pulling your navel toward your spine and away from the pool’s bottom. Travel the pool’s length or until you cannot safely continue. This allows you to start working on your ab muscles for Summer.

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Summer Workouts – Flutter Kicks

This exercise works your muscles of your hips, buttocks and your core muscles. Your core will begin getting stronger and you won’t need a floating device but in the beginning, you can use the floating device.

Hold onto the floating device or the edge of the pool to keep your upper body afloat. Allow your legs to hang toward the bottom of the pool and scissor kick your feet front to back to keep you floating. Point your toes and keep your legs out straight. Keep repeating this movement as long as you can.

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Summer Workouts – Dolphin Kick

You can do dolphin kicks on your stomach or you can flip over onto your back to make it easier so you have easier breathing and increased use of your core.

Stretch your arms out overhead and clasp your hands together without holding a kickboard. Make sure to tighten your core muscles and move your back in a wave-like motion to move forward. Push your chest down while keeping your hips up. Push your hips down and allow your upper body to move up. This may feel a little tricky at first. Keep repeating this while you travel the length of the pool.

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Summer Workouts Benefits

While your goal may need to make sure you get stronger and more attractive abs you can be proud of during pool season, if you do the above workouts, you are going to notice that you feel better overall. You are going to notice that you get a better body overall. Working out in the pool is a great way to burn fat, build muscle and keep from hurting your joints from high impact exercises.

If you don’t have your own pool, you may find Summer workouts more difficult to achieve because you don’t want anyone to see you before you get your Summer body. If you have your own pool, you will be able to do your workouts in private and make sure you are looking good when you invite friends over for a swim.

Those of you that need help installing or upgrading your pool, feel free to reach out to us to learn more about how to get started. We have over 30 years of experience in the pool industry and will be glad to help you.

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