You have a home with a pool and you cannot wait for the right temperature to set in, to start having fun with family and friends. You can start planning your first and the best pool party if the state you live in has the perfect weather!

There are a whole bunch of ideas that you can put into throwing your first pool party of the year!

ultimate pool party

Inviting Guests

E-vite is a great way of sending invitations. Since it is a pool party for everyone, you can click a photo of your children and/or you having some fun pool time and email that to everyone with a colorful invitation note with cartoon pictures.


For the best pool party, where there will be children, candies and chocolates are a few key items. You can have cut fruits arranged in the shape of a big bunny head. Sandwiches and chips are an all time hit with kids and grownups alike. You can also serve nacho chips and salsa. For children, you can make peanut butter and jelly tacos with bread base and fruit toppings. You can also have a cold cut tray with cheese and crackers.

For beverages, you can serve juices and sodas. You can also make a fruit punch and serve it in a dispensing jar. An alcoholic fruit punch and beer can be served for the adults.


Balloons are a decoration hit for any party. You can line your pool with streamers and balloons. Balloons can have ears stuck to them and a face drawn on them. They can be tied with strings and then placed at each corner of the pool. LED lights can light up the pool sides for the evening. You can also make balloon garlands and hang them on the trees for decoration.

Temecula pool party

Pool Games

Nowadays, there is a wide range of games that people can play. Here is a game that both children and adults can play. There are more ideas that can be looked up online. One of them is Pool Bonnet.

Write down different activities in several papers, fold and keep them in a basket. Have everyone sit in a circle. Have them pass around the bonnet while the music is playing. When a player gets the bonnet, he or she has to wear it, take it off and then pass it to the next player. Whoever is holding or wearing the bonnet when the music stops, has to pick a folded paper from the basket and perform the activity that is written on it.

Return Gifts

Who does not like to return home with small gifts and souvenirs from a party? You can make candy bags where you put in small snacks in a cellophane wrap and roll the ends and tie them with ribbons for them to look like big candies.

These are some amazing ways to plan the best pool party. But before you go ahead with these plans, you ought to get your pool ready for the fun. Call the experts for effective cleaning of the pool before your party. Check if the equipment works fine and you have all the necessary pool accessories handy for enjoying throughout the day.

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