A major advantage to having a swimming pool in your backyard is the numerous parties you can host all year round! Be it Christmas, Easter or New Year; pool parties often seem to be favored and loved by guests. While many people focus mainly on the decoration, they tend to overlook other critical aspects which make pool parties a huge hit. With Memorial Day right around the corner, this write-up brings you some fascinating ideas to plan your Memorial Day Pool Party and make it memorable!

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Serve Some Delectable Food

As it is officially the start of summer season, keeping chilled beverages for your guests is absolutely necessary. Be it ice-tea, chilled sodas or fancy mocktails; these beverages are the energy boosters that make your party lively. As you think of Memorial Day, the one preparation that instantly comes to mind is scrumptious hamburgers and hot dogs. Barbecuing hot dogs and hamburgers along with fresh potato salad and sodas make up ideal treats for your Memorial Day Pool Party. Then there are mouth-watering candies and chocolate, and watermelon for children.

Choose a Theme

Keeping it simple yet sophisticated is all you need this Memorial day. If you plan to host the celebration during the day-time, decorate your pool area with some light pastels. At night you can brighten up the ambiance with vibrant glow sticks or tiki torches that creates a fiery ambiance. Memorial day- themed paper lanterns or table-cloths can be a marvelous attraction at your Memorial Day Pool Party.

Plan Exciting Games

Let’s admit it- no party is ever complete without party games. So to make your Memorial Day Pool Party even more grand, plan some exciting pool games for your guests. One game that people will enjoy immensely is a cannonball splash contest. The rules are simple, all one has to do is jump in cannonball formation and try to create the biggest splash out of anyone. The one that creates the biggest splash in the swimming pool shall win!

Safety Comes First

Often overlooked yet extremely paramount, here are some safety measures that should be taken care of. Make sure the pool is filtered and clean to prevent your guests from going home with potential illnesses or infections. While hosting games for children, parental guidance is absolutely important. You can also use pool fencing to ensure safety or toddlers or pets running around the deck. Keep the deck as dry as possible or people might accidentally slip and fall.

Gift your Guests Thoughtful Souvenirs

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While an Memorial Day Pool Party is a splendid way to reconnect with friends and family; hosting it in your backyard by the pool makes it even more exhilarating and special.