Swimming Pool on a Plane, Is It Possible?

It’s a new era of technology coming our way, the biggest most innovated things are becoming a reality. Could commercial planes with pools some day be a reality? Do you think you’d enjoy riding on an airplane that had a pool or a hot tub? Is it even possible?

How Long Will It Be Before Pools are On Commercial Planes?

hamamThe answer to that question is… no time soon. You probably won’t be seeing a commercial jet or even a luxury jet with a swimming pool in the near future. One ultra-rich Billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud ordered a customized Airbus A380 that has been dubbed “The Flying Palace” at a jaw dropping cost of over $400 million dollars. Airbus shot down the Prince’s request of installing a custom swimming pool on his plane and he had to settle for an oversize turkish bath. Despite the plane’s 5,930-square feet of cabin space, several thousand gallons of splashing water at 35,000 feet still amounts to a modern aviation conundrum and potential problem during flight, especially during turbulence.

plane-with-showerShower Spas on Planes are Already Here!

Passengers on board United Emirates A380 flights already offer Shower Spas to their first class passengers and we’ve been told the experience is pretty remarkable. The plane carries enough water for each first class passenger to be able to enjoy a refreshing 5 minute long shower.

Now Let’s Look Towards The Future

It’s 2016, we’re already well into the future according to Marty McFly. We’re talking planes and pools and anything is possible. The next big thing is the futuristic airplane with three levels, one more exciting than the next. Two of the stories containing a shopping mall, gaming rooms, suite rooms and to top it off there will be a pool on the top. This new Aeroplane could transform the future in ways we can’t wrap our heads around. Airports could start to transform into hi-tech domes with panoramic windows.

Swimming Pools Are Already Standard on Luxury Yachts

Yawn! Yachts with pools? It’s already a thing! Billionaires have been outfitting their luxury yachts with swimming pools for decades. Luxury yachts are starting to become more advanced. J’ade – A 196 feet long yacht with an indoor aquarium and a drive in garage for their speed boat. Christina O’– One of the largest superyachts, with an outdoor swimming pool that transforms into a dance floor. Alfa Nero– renowned superyachts with infinity swimming pool. Transforms into a heli-pad and dance floor. Let’s not stop there, the wealthiest people on Earth think yachts have become boring and overrated – the new big thing is to own your own luxury submarine with a pool. They claim choosing a yacht is a chore, and that there’s too many to choose from. This submarine is 375 ft long & 36 ft wide, with a pool and heli-pad. The deck lowers and covers when wanting to submerge under water to escape the plebs and paparazzi.

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