When most homeowners think about landscaping, pool landscaping never crosses their mind. Often, they are not aware of the landscaping, which transform their backyard pool into a soothing area that matches with their whole outdoor living space. There are lots of ideas that you can apply to pools. But you first should understand what kinds of landscaping you can apply to pools and what’s involved for every design.

An outdoor space can look unfinished without landscaping. Your pool’s location, the contrast of sun vs. shade and your region’s climate can all help determine the landscape suitable for your project. The right pool landscaping task will connect your home, pool, and patio, seamlessly together.

pool landscaping

Planning the design

At first, when gathering ideas for your pool landscaping, pay attention to textures, colors, and patterns of curves and straight lines in your property and any backyard structures. By using the same patterns and colors, or those that are compatible with them can lend a sense of continuity to the landscape. This will make it appear well-organized.

pool landscaping


Outdoor lights will make your pool area look appealing and festive. Whether you want underwater LED lighting, string lights, or Tiki torches, ensure your pool and outdoor space are illuminated. Not only will lighting generate the ambiance, but it’s also an essential safety feature. The right lighting minimizes the likelihood of a guest or loved one falling or tripping. Additionally, you can accent lights to highlight special elements of design, like water features and statues.

pool landscaping

Furnishing your pool landscaping

Potted trees and lounge chairs can add the backyard touch. You can also consider adding decking in a different spot or further away from your pool using. In addition, you can use a patio or Koi pond to enhance a larger outdoor space. Many people have a part of the outdoor space for grilling, and perhaps even a gazebo or bar. Ultimately, the pool owner can add statues and other add-ons.


This feature is definitely essential to any backyard pool. Not only will it give you privacy, but will also prevent any mishaps that can occur from neighborhood kids visiting the pool unsupervised.

Plant options for pools

Plantings will help the pool area fit in with the rest of your property’s landscape, offer privacy, and soften the lines of pool equipment. For pool landscaping that’s easy to maintain, the perfect options are ground covers, ornamental grasses, and broad-leafed evergreens. Several trees can offer your pool shade on hot summers without obstructing the sunshine on cooler days. When you are searching for pool plants, keep away from plants that develop invasive root systems that can damage your pool. Also avoid trees with prickles or thorns, and ones that attract bees or bear fruit.

pool landscaping

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