Ready to take the plunge into your plunge pool?

Have you been dreaming of transforming your backyard into a relaxing oasis but you either:

1. Do not have a lot of room to work with in your yard


2. Do not want a pool to take up your entire backyard

We have just the answer! Plunge pools! It is a miniature water world that is stylish, eye catching and completely customizable. So, what is a plunge pool? Originally it was a small, deep swimming pool, typically one filled with cold water and used to refresh or invigorate the body after a sauna. However, with the popularity of plunge pools over the last few years they have become very unique.

Plunge Pools

Small Backyard? A Plunge Pool is your answer!

A plunge pool may be all you can fit into a narrow slice of backyard or courtyard and plunge pools are ideal for taking a cooling relaxing dip. Something we all need after a long day at the office. These small-diameter pools are of course not your answer if you seek a recreational area for high-impact exercise or playing larger scale pool games, but they it will provide a refreshing means of cooling down on a hot day or a place to gather with friends or family and a glass of something chilled.

Did You Know?

A plunge pool can be heated just like a standard-size pool for use in winter. Or, it can be designed to do double duty as a spa.

A plunge pool is cost efficient: The compact size of the pool allows for quick, efficient heating – the running costs are comparably lower than for a large pool. A plunge pool can increase both the aesthetic and resale values of your home.

It’s obvious that plunge pools do not require as much maintenance as a larger unit does. It’s why they are often more appealing.

No matter the size or shape of your outdoor space, a plunge pool can be made to fit. That’s the beauty of these small-area pools.

Plunge Pools & Decking

Refresh yourself with an invigorating water spa treatment while enjoying the marvels of this architectural wonder.

Plunge Pools & Mood Lighting

A private setting and a stylish design make this plunge pool the ideal choice for a midnight dip. The stamped concrete deck with composite wood decking provides the handsome framing for a pool that features interlocking natural stone veneer, stamped concrete coping and a stainless steel scupper.

Plunge Pools & Stainless Steel

Fountains, gushing wall scuppers and overflowing basins create a dynamic water feature showcasing a plunge pool and a spa created from recycled stainless steel.

Our teams of swimming pool designers are experts in creating a small pools, plunge pools, or “spool,” to fit your yard perfectly. Tying in elements of design and efficiency, this can be the perfect place to escape the heat, or stay warm in the cold. Small pools may be the perfect solution for your space-restricted swimming pool needs!

Interested in your own miniature water world? Talk to us about plunge pools TODAY!

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