1. The Modernist Donnell Pool

Modern Pool and Garden Designs for your Fresno Backyard 1

Modern pool and garden designs don’t necessarily have all the popular high-tech materials and features. In California, residential pool designs have been there since the 1930s. In that era, only rich movie stars could afford expensive houses with swimming pools and gardens. Often, these residential pools reflected the architecture of the house and complemented its design.

Donnell Pool

Thomas Church, Lawrence Halprin and George Rockrise got their heads together to design the Donnel Garden in California for Dewey and Jean Donnell in 1948. The garden features a modern design and still looks like new.

The main features of the pool include a floating deck, a little “Island” inside the pool and the Midcentury Modern shape.

  1. Types of Pool Designs

Modern Pool and Garden Designs for your Fresno Backyard 2

As far as residential pools are concerned, there are two main types:

Naturalistic: This pool and garden design represent nature and the surroundings. It has a lot of freeform shapes, themed landscaping, beach-like entries, and waterfalls, to name a few.

Architectural: As the term suggests, these pools designs match the architectural style of the home and have geometric shapes and formal lines.

Infinity pool

In the picture below, the infinity pool allows you to enjoy the stunning views. Besides, it offers a lot of extras as well, such as:

  • An equipment room underneath and the swimming pool
  • Hammered Mediterranean blue glass tiles
  • Fire bowl
  • LED lighting
  • Tanning bay
  • A swim-up bar
  1. Pool That Features Fish Mural

Modern Pool and Garden Designs for your Fresno Backyard 3

If you want to continue the architectural design of your house into your pool and garden, try this design. This home has a lap pool that transfers water into the lower catch gutter. From that catch gutter, water goes into a balance tank built on the other side of the pool.

The balance tank looks like an adjacent pool or separate water feature. The two bodies of water are tied together with a beautiful abstract fish mural.

  1. Modern Marvel

Modern Pool and Garden Designs for your Fresno Backyard 4

This cantilevered roof features an opening through which the sun shines on the tanning lounges below it. If you take a few steps forward, you can find a beautiful negative-edge pool that is designed in a way that it repeats the horizontal lines of the residence.

  1. Second-Level Pool

Modern Pool and Garden Designs for your Fresno Backyard 5

Although it’s not clear, the pool was built on the 2nd floor of the house. Retaining walls were constructed on both sides of the pool and garden. Although the shape is rectangular, this stunning featured a glass-chip fireplace, titled logo, and a negative edge.

This pool features an economic design and is solar heated. the pumps and filtration system is hidden below the level of water.

  1. Aqua Illumination

Modern Pool and Garden Designs for your Fresno Backyard 6

The credit for this narrow rectangular pool goes to Patdo Light Studio of Port Chester. This pool design complements the geometric shape of the house.

  1. Spa House in Cape Town

Modern Pool and Garden Designs for your Fresno Backyard 7

This Spa House is located in Cape Town, South Africa, and offers a great example of today’s architecture. Metropolis Design is behind the design of this pool. You can see a beautiful big pool in front of this spa through the window of the house.

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