How much does pool building cost? Generally, the cost of an inground pool installation is between $35k and $100k. On average, the cost is $48k. The primary maintenance may add up to $1.8k per year. The repairs and utility may add up to $3k on a yearly basis.

Waterfall, hot tubs and other custom features may add between $1k to $8k to the total cost of the project. Actually, the price depends upon the size, location and type of your pool.

How much does pool building cost? 1

Inground Pool Installation cost

For an inground pool installation, expect to spend between $20k to $65k based on the type of material. There are three types of material types to choose from: fiberglass, vinyl and concrete.

Per Square Foot cost of Gunite, Shotcrete or Concrete Pool

The starting price of a pool is between $30k and $50k. Over a decade, you may have to pay an additional amount of up to $40k.

Vinyl Underground Pool Costs

The installation of an in-ground vinyl pool costs up to $40k. The maintenance will cost up to $17k on an annual basis.

Vinyl pools are non-abrasive, versatile, and easy to maintain. You can find them in a large variety.

Fiberglass Inground Pool cost

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The cost of a fiberglass pool is between $20k and $36k, which includes installation, basic deck and delivery. The annual upkeep run between $5k and 15k for 10 years.

Inground Saltwater Pools cost

The cost of a saltwater pool is between $1k and $2k in addition to a total cost of between $34k and $67k. They cost less to maintain than other pools. The annual maintenance, generator, and labor will cost $100, $2,000 and $500 respectively.

Custom Pools Costs

If you want to upgrade to a luxury pool, you may have to spend between $100k and $200k. But small upgrades may cost between $300 and $30k. It can be more based on the type of upgrades.

Beach Entry or Zero Entry Pool Costs

Zero entry pools are also known as beach entry pools. Their per square foot cost is between $50 and $125. These pools have multiple sides that slope up. Like a beach, you walk down the slope.

Lagoon Pool Costs

The cost of lagoon style pools is between $50k and $150k. However, you should be willing to pay more for custom designs and other features like tropical landscaping, grottos and waterfalls. Typically, these pools feature asymmetrical design and tropical retreat.

The Installation Cost Factors

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Given below are the cost factors you need to consider before you make the ultimate decision:

Permit costs: up to $1.8k per permit

Resale value: In tropical climates, the pool can add to the revalue of your home by as much as 7%. But you can’t get back the pool installation price.

Packages: Before you get a quote, you need to find out what the package will offer. It may have a basic safety fence, a deck area, plumbing, pumps and electrical systems.

Property taxes: Based on the value upgrades, you should be ready to pay a higher property tax amount. The tax amount may vary based on your municipal codes and state.

Pool upkeep cost: The monthly upkeep cost can be between $100 and $200.

Hopefully, this article will help you figure out your pool building cost.

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