Building a one-of-a-kind pool in unique designs for your home is indeed possible. Rather than going for the ubiquitous options, think out of the box and build something great. Just incorporate one of the pool building trends we mention below that are going to be huge in 2019.

swimming pool styles designs

Going Clean and Green

Your St. Louis swimming pool doesn’t to be plain and boring in design. It also means that you can try out different shapes instead of rectangular or circular ones. This year’s pool building trends dictate that funky geometric shapes are in style. Think out of the box and include freeform pools that make use of all the space in your backyard.

Likewise, going green is a big part of designing new pools. Add environmentally friendly cleaning systems or practice water conserving techniques. Rainwater harvesting and drip-irrigation systems are some effective eco-friendly ways you can try.

You could also quite literally go green. Complement your modern backyard with a natural looking pool. Or, add a lot of green plants around your backyard oasis. These keep your pool area cool, supply clean air, and you reduce your environmental footprint.

Quirky Tile and Deck Designs

You might have seen the similar kinds of paving or deck flooring in various pools in your neighborhood. That is because they have only used the tried and tested designs. While they might look great in themselves, the truth is: their personal style doesn’t appear in their pool designs.

So, choose quirky tile and deck options that let the pool sparkle and the surrounding area stand out. Remember that the path leading up to your pool should also blend in with the backyard. Hence, opt for materials and colors that look like natural stone and mimic its texture.

One of the outdoor pool trends that seems to catch on in 2019 is the rise of tanning ledges and splash decks. These shallow areas are suitable to put up cool beach-style furniture and just deep enough to immerse your feet. Install detachable beach umbrellas to keep out the sun while lounging by the pool.

Pool Building Trends in 2019 1

Simple and Functional Hydrotherapy

You know that swimming regularly can help improve your health. Additionally, having your own pool ensures that you get these benefits at your convenience. But how about getting more out of the cool water? This is when you consider hot tubs and water features.

When we say water features, we do not mean elaborately designed waterfalls and fountains. In 2019, the pool building trends are more towards the functional aspect of the water jets. Placing much importance on hydrotherapy, people around the world are now getting simple spouts in their gardens.

The relaxing and soothing sound of water trickling down into your pool and its fabulous appearance will anyway enchant you. But in addition, using hydrotherapy jets allows you to treat your aching muscles and reduce the tension. Isn’t it a great way to enjoy your pool time better?

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