With the turn of the calendar, you remember it is time to open your pool for the spring. But you realize that you have not gone through with the remodeling plans yet. Getting swimming pools OKC remodeled for the spring should start in the winter. The right time to do this is when the rainy season ends- when you do not use your pool as much.

A Pool Buyer's Guide to Remodeling Your Swimming Pool 1

Why Should Your Remodel Your Pool in the Winter?

Generally, homeowners forget all about their pools until the swimming season arrives. However, by then, any remodeling ideas they had will not happen, so they just have to use their old pool. In order to avoid this, you need to ditch the “out of sight, out of mind” attitude towards your pool.

  • One thing you need to consider is that pool remodeling takes time. Even with an expert pool builder, your pool will not be ready in a few weeks when you decide to have a surprise party.
  • Additionally, they do not have tight schedules in the winter, as it is the offseason for swimming pools OKC installations.
  • When you compare the costs incurred, they are lesser when you remodel in the colder months. Hence you can get a budget-friendly pool remodeling before the spring.
  • Moreover, when you get the remodeling done before the swim season begins, you get to spend more time in your pool.

Reasons for a Pool Remodel

Other than aesthetic purposes, there are various reasons to go for a pool remodel. During your regular inspections, if you find any major damages in your pool, it is time to remodel. Broken pipes and such must get timely repairs and it requires at least a partial remodeling.

If you have added another kid to your family, you might consider getting pool safety features. Or, maybe you need to make the pool your own recreational spot by adding fun features like waterslides. In any case, starting your pool remodel in time will give you and your family more swim time in a safe environment.

Factors Slowing Down the Pool Remodel

Pool construction or remodel depends on external factors as well. One of the main things affecting the remodeling of swimming pools OKC is the weather. Since outdoor pool remodeling is an intensive process, it gets affected by wind and rains. With intense winds, the pool plaster might fly all over your backyard or onto the cement deck. If you are digging the site for your remodel, dampness due to rains can disrupt the process. Particularly for concrete pools, you will need ample curing and plaster setting time. For this reason, you need clear skies and normal temperatures.

A Pool Buyer's Guide to Remodeling Your Swimming Pool 2

Pool Remodel Inspiration

You can go through the various pool shapes and materials used to get a good grasp on what works for your pool remodel. Do not just focus on the overall appearance of your Oklahoma pool. Instead, try to make it kid-friendly and energy efficient by using solar heaters and the like.

Furthermore, you can get more out of your pool if you invest in adding some features to maintain your privacy.

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