Pool Cabanas are used to provide shade and comfort, while you enjoy a nice day out in your Charlotte backyard looking over your swimming pool. It can also be used for breaking up fence lining and is a good way to hide your pool equipment. Even if you don’t have the best view from your pool you can dress up your backyard with a pool cabana. With some of the larger pool cabanas  you can even mount pool heating solar panels to the roof of them. It provides an easy way to heat up your pool and is energy efficient.

Pool cabanas are one of the best ways to dress up your backyard. With adding an elegant look to your backyard you’ll have to know what type of pool cabanas are out there.

Types of Pool Cabanas

  • Contemporary: The Contemporary pool cabana mainly focuses on calming colors and simplicity. It’s designed with clean lines and smooth textures. It’s a style that is in the now and of modern taste.
  • Classic: A Classic pool cabana is a more elegant look providing classic lines and arches to bend and blend with the nature surrounding it. A classic pool cabana could represent something of age and older value. 
  • Southwestern: Southwestern pool cabanas are a mix of cultures to provide an at home feeling, blending with the family atmosphere. Mainly sticking to the Mexican and American styles, They tend to have more earth tones and wood materials. 
  • 4 Post: These pool cabanas provide an open, coastal-mountain theme. Traditionally built with a flat roof and curtains to close off some of the open space.  
  • 3 Sided: Pool Cabanas like these provide more of a sheltered space for the chillier climates. Keeping you shaded from the sun and also the wind and rain.

Benefits of a Pool Cabana

Pool cabanas enhance the outdoor enjoyment of your family. They also offer the best complement to your preferred space for entertaining and backyard swimming. Below are some reasons a pool cabana makes a good addition:

Charlotte: Adding Pool Cabanas to Your Backyard Design 1

1. Storage

You have probably filled your garage to the brim, and you are not planning to use the kitchen pantry to store chlorine and other chemicals. A pool cabana is a dedicated area, where you can store all the maintenance items.

2. Entertainment area

Making sure everybody’s comfortable and have their needs catered for is not easy without a cabana. Set up a washroom and you have got the ideal solution. Furthermore, another good idea is installing a fridge to keep drinks cold.

3. Many uses

Some of the many uses a pool cabana include a place to exercise, an entertainment place, a place to store your pool stuff, or a place to take a break and finish some work. These types of structures are versatile allowing you to get so much out of them.

4. Accommodations for guests

A pool cabana can be a space to put guests up for a couple of nights. They will have their own space where they can come and go as they please, and you will not have to give up a whole room in the main house.

Adding Pool Cabanas to Your Backyard Design

If you want to put a pool cabana, Premier Pools & Spas of Charlotte are here make it easier for you to accomplish that. Our professional team is on standby to help you install the ideal pool cabana for your home. We can help you finish the landscaping as well. Our professional designers can also create an amazing backyard, which will wow your friends and family. Just give us a call for a free quote to get started.

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