Pool Care Checklist


Some pool maintenance tips if you’re just starting out with your new pool or if you what to check up and see if you’re doing things right. Pool maintenance is very important and this is just a few things on a list to help you keep up with everything and weekly actions.

Opening Your Pool: Easy Steps

Remove the pool cover
Clean and vacuum your pool thoroughly
Add water to the proper height
Test water balance, pH and chlorine levels
Take sample of pool water
Shock your pool
Add Algaecide if necessary

Maintaining Your Pool: Weekly Tasks

Pool-problem-solutionsRemove all debris off the surface
Check the water height for pump to work properly
Test the pH level
Test the chlorine level
Clean tile along the water line
Check and clean filter
Shock the pool, proceed with all water treatment

Closing Your Pool: Tips & Techniques

Balance all pool chemicals
Run the filter for 24 hours
Lower the amount of water in your pool
Clean and vacuum pool thoroughly
And lastly pull the pool cover over your pool and make sure it’s fitted right

Need a Pool to go along with this Checklist?

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