Pool Care After Rain

rain-poolDoes your pool need care after it rains? There are many things to consider after it rains in terms of your swimming pool. Taking care of your swimming pool after it rains isn’t something you’d normally think of having to do. Although, after it rains heavily there are some steps you can go through so your swimming pool gets the best care. If it only rains a little bit there isn’t much to worry about. The main effects that rain has on your pool is, diluting it, causing the pH balance to be thrown off, and causing it to overflow. Rainfall can be very acidic throwing off the pools pH balance. Here are some tips for taking care of your pool after it rains. Pool care after rain benefits the condition your pool will be in for the summer season. 

In Austin, Texas weather can vary from 90 degrees and hot or you get 40 degrees and raining. Owning a pool in Texas can be very beneficial especially during the hotter months of the year. When it rains you’ll wanna know how to clean and take care of your swimming pool. Inground swimming pool prices are lower in Texas then other states in the U.S. such as California or New York. Owning a swimming pool in Texas is a must, especially with the warm weather and low costs.

Cleaning your Pool

The first thing to do for your swimming pools care after rain, is to clean it. Cleaning the debris off the top of your swimming pool and the from the bottom of your pool is the first step to returning your swimming pool back to it’s former self. During rain storms, winds can pick up and blow dirt and leaves into your swimming pool, which causes the starting of algae growth.  

Check pH and Alkaline Levels

Acid rain is what causes your pools pH level to be thrown off balance, a solution to return your swimming pools pH balance to a normal level is adding alkaline to your pool. Alkaline is what is also affected to your pool, it may be at a higher level than your pH level, which is nothing to worry about.

Check Sanitizer Levels

luxurious-pools-4The best thing to do is just go through and test your swimming pools water for all the different pH levels. Checking your chlorine levels is something we, Premier Pools and Spas, recommend do to the rain diluting your water. Sanitizer helps fight off any contaminants that the rainfall brings in.

Check Water Levels

Of course with the rainfall adds water to your pool, causing it to overflow. Just watch the water levels and drain any excess water that is not needed. You can drain it using the “waste” setting on your water filter.

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