Ever wonder why some swimming pools are full of sparkling blue water, while some others are not as crystal clear? The secret lies in the proper use of pool chemicals. With great cleaning accessories and sanitizing chemicals, you too can keep your Las Vegas pool clean. So, why wait? Let us dig into the helpful information we have for you here.

Gather the Pool Supplies

What Pool Chemicals to Use in Your Inground Pool 1

First, you will need a telescopic pole so you can attach the pool cleaning accessories. Second, get a skimmer net or a leaf skimmer. Third, get a heavy-duty brush to scrub the pool walls and floor. Brushes are available in many sizes and types and can be used to clean the pool deck, too.

Lastly, you need a vacuum head and a hose for manual cleaning. For proper pool maintenance, you should regularly brushing the pool walls and floor. At least once a week, attend to areas with poor water circulation.

Pool Cleaning Steps

Using the skimmer net, remove all debris and leaves. You can also catch bugs and insects that lie on the water surface. Sometimes, kids drop toys and other tiny items into the pool. Now, you can fetch them out of the water.

Next, get the right vacuum head for your pool, attach it to the telescopic pole, and collect the debris. Using the correct brush type for your pool material, scrub all the nooks and crannies and tight spots.

Clean the Pool Filter

pool pump motor

Proper circulation depends on a well-functioning pool filter. This means, your filter has to be free of debris and microscopic particles. Since your pool filter runs for about eight to ten hours a day, you need proper filter maintenance to keep it clean.

Pool filter cartridges can be regularly removed, and pressure washed inside out. And periodic backwashing is a must for sand and D.E. filters. Backwashing sends the water back into the filter and to the bottom of the tank, thereby flushing all the accumulated dirt and debris.

Additionally, for D.E. filters, you must remove the grid elements and thoroughly clean them at least once a year. Hose off the grids and clean them with a forceful water stream from a garden hose. Soak them in a solution of automatic dishwasher detergent for about three to four hours and rinse before placing them back.

Add the Pool Chemicals

pool cleaning

You need to maintain proper chemical levels in your pool so that the water is clean. There are two reasons to add the pool chemicals: to maintain the pH balance and to sanitize the pool. Chemical sanitizers like chlorine tablets work efficiently by dissolving steadily. They release free chlorine into the pool, wipe the water off any harmful bacteria, and keep the pool clean.

Ideal pool pH is 7.2 to 7.6, and the levels are outside this range, the effectiveness of the chemicals you put in reduces. You can test the water balance using a pool water test kit available at the store. Or, if you rather have pool professionals handle this critical task, you can call Premier Pools & Spas of Las Vegas.

Finally, add pool shock and algaecide to clear the water from algae and other invisible contaminants.

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